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    Hello I am back again frustrated and disappointed with my difficult child. I have an emergency placement hearing tomorrow at 8:30 am with the school district to make my case that the school my son is in isnt helping him. From past posts that i have posted I know that we have the right to disagree with Sd but my confusion is what now. My son has been suspended for his 24th time this year. He constantly is blowing up at his teachers when he feels "they talk down to him". He is in a 1-8-1 class and the school has more services to deal with his outbursts but the teachers arent helping. the services are given to him after he looses it. The school principal even sees that he is a good kid and just has difficulty with emotions. I am looking at this year and last and the suspensions are the same and his academic success is minimal. Do i have a leg to stand on? How do i find alternative placement if i dont even know whats out there? How do i convince the school board that its emotional and not just a behavior problem? He is also been going to court cause the school put a pins on him. The judge had to be begged to not put him away yesterday that give us a chance to deal with the school. MY SON knew anymore trouble and he would go away. Guess what he did, went right back to school and told the teacher that he has issues with that it is all her fault. Im sure that sounds familiar to everyone , blaming everyone else for there problems. So to me that is not a normal emotional reaction to the judges warning. A normal child would have took that warning and shut up. So now what HELP HELP . MIchelle
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    Forgive me for not remembering this, but does your son have an IEP?

    If so, then what you can get s very different than if he does not. I suspect he does not due to the number of suspensions so fr this year. IF he is in Special Education, then the number of suspensions vastly exceeds the limit (10 days) and he need an FBA, a new BIP and probably new academic IEP goals as well.

    I would not put too much faith in preventing his removal on a PINS petition through cooperation of the school; if the SD does not cooperate, then he will be no longer their problem.

    IF your son is in Special Education, I would file for DP immediately, and I do not suggest this lightly. However, it would kick in the "stay-put" provision of the law. If he is not in Special Education, then I would appeal any decision right up to the school board.

    Staying in school is a big predictor of success for our kids but it is sometimes hard to keep them there.