My dog (and daughter) are in recovery


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Yesterday my baby, Bandit, and my daughter were taking a walk when they were charged by a dog twice our dogs' size!

In true protective terrier fashion our dog attacked the charging dog before he could get to our daughter. The owner heard a ruckus and came out from the back yard (with-6 ft privacy fence) and called her dog and went in the HOUSE! She never even asked my daughter if she was HURT!! :grrr: When DEX went to the house to talk to her about financials she said, "accidents happen"!!!
She didn't hit my dog with the CAR!! He was attacked by her dog! That in my book is not any sort of "accident"!

Bandit thinks he won because our daughter was not hurt. Thankfully(picture me looking heavenward here)she was as scared as she has ever been and ANGRY at the other dog, but no injuries!

:doctor: 30 STITCHES, 3 STINTS, and an antibiotic in a pear tree later my baby is home resting (fitfully) and groaning for his "mommy", so I sit here writing this with about 1/2 hr sleep in the last 24. He was so drugged up and could not get comfortable last night so "mommy" sat with him and talked him to sleep 20 times.

The bright side is that in [insert our county here] there are leash laws and mauling laws that apply to both human and canine victims. This other dog was not on a leash and roaming free so the owners had to pay, up front, for our dog's care. It only took 2 hours after the incident for the owner to figure out how she was going to pay (mommy's credit card). :faint:

Bandit has a long road to recovery, stints come out in 3 days stitches in 10-14 days, and he's bald where they had to shave him but he loves his family and is going to be okay! :bow:

I still can't go back to sleep for another 13 hours or so, after the kids do, but knowing that my boy and my girl are ok is worth losing a year's sleep! Thanks for listening! :flower:

Glad Bandit's going to be OK! Was your daughter traumatized by the charging dog (it's extremely frightening)? That neighbor better thank her lucky stars you aren't suing her for emotional distress! You could probably force them to have the dog put down too. "Accidents happen" -- sheesh.

When I was a kid some neighbors up the street had an attack dog, a German Shepherd, trained to be vicious. They kept it in their garage on a chain. All of us kids were scared to go too near their house 'cause we'd heard the dog growling and snarling. One day it got loose. Broke its chain and got out through a side door. Our dog was tied out on a long chain, since our back yard was unfenced at the time. The other dog attacked. My mother screamed and three or four neighbors came running (there's a good neighborhood for you). They brained the Shepherd with a shovel to make it let go of Brownie. It was put down, as a matter of course, and the owner neighbors were eager to pay the vet's bill, fearful of being prosecuted. They moved away a couple of months later.

Our neighbors were actually ashamed of their dog. That seems to make them not typical of vicious dog owners in general, who always on the news seem to be as callous and clueless as Miss "Accidents Happen".
YIKES! What a scary thing for y'all to go through! I pray Bandit's recovery is swift and that your daughter wasn't too traumatized by the whole thing!!

Hugs and prayers,


Sheena-Warrior Momma
Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers!

We can't force him to be put down because it was the first incident with this dog and Animal Control. If it happens again though they have no choice but to put him down. Our daughter had a rough night with bad dreams but she is doing much better today. Adrenaline got her home and then she started shaking from head to toe! She was scared out of her wits!

The owners are being issued <u>at least</u> 3 tickets that we know of for failure to contain their dog, he was a month overdue for his rabies (Bandit just got his a week ago), and for failure to abide by the leash law. I thought the first on and the third were the same thing but evidently not, they are 2 separate issues since they had a fenced in yard. They all come with some hefty fines. So it may make them think twice before allowing their dog out again.

If they don't pay them the dog can be taken into the custody of Animal Control, unless they choose to dispute the tickets in which case we will have to go to court. We aren't worried about that, we have pictures out the yan on both our cell phones both before he went to the vet and after, plus Animal Control went to the hospital while he was in surgery and took photos before and after he was stitched up. The DVM is also on our side along with all her nurses! :angel:


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So glad to hear that your pup will be okay (in the long run). What a horrific experience!!! I had a friends little Pomeranian killed nearly instantly by a neighbours dog this past year. I don't understand why owners can't contain their animals. Geesh, I have a lapdog, sucky shihtzu that rarely barks and wouldn't harm a flea and I keep him tied outside in the yard and he never is walked unleashed. Hope your daughter sleeps well tonight with no bad dreams, and hope you and pup get lots of rest.