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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Steely, Nov 14, 2007.

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    So, for some reason, perhaps because of Mat's instability as of late, I am feeling a bit sentimental and over attached to my dogs. Sometimes I think I project my need for a perfect child on my dogs, but none the less, I do believe Chester is almost perfect. :wink:
    I have 3 dogs. Steele who is only 6 months old, Diesel who is a year, and Chester, whom we have had almost 9 years. He is a cocker spaniel mix, almost all cocker. All my dogs are rescue pups, but Chester was already well into teen doggie years when we adopted him.

    I remember when we first got him from the pound, and he was matted and flea ridden, I gave him a bath. The lil' pooch just put his head on the side of the tub and sighed.........what a keeper. :smile:

    Over the years, Chester has endured multiple difficult child rages, a stormy horrible divorce, the addition of a cat, and 2 new puppies, all with his usual calm and matter of fact demeanor.

    When difficult child is raging, Chester is right there, comforting him. He just seems to know, that deep inside, Mat needs comfort - despite the flying objects, obscenities, and insults - even when I am beside myself, and ready to strangle Mat - Chester is right by his side, licking him, calming him, or knowing enough to simply lie next to him. What a trooper.

    I don't know what my deal is tonight. I guess I am feeling just oh, so sad. I gave Chester a bath, and thought, this little guy has been through it all with me - the only one, to see all the despair and sorrow this house has endured - and yet - he has the tenacity and love to still crawl back up, every night, and lick difficult children face, and mine. WOW.
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    Animals are wonderful that way. When I was going through my darkest depression 5 years ago, I had 5 cats and a dog. When it would get real bad they could just sense it. It wasn't unusual for there to be a cat in my lap, one at my feet, one on the back of the chair, one on either side of me and the dog nearby. When I slept, I had a cat on my pillow, the dog in the crook of my knees and a cat on either side. It was like being in a cocoon. It was very comforting.
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    My Bubba is so special to me. He's getting older now, and has been ill lately. I could just kick myself - I somehow missed his updated vaccines and he got kennel cough! It hasn't been a horrible case of it, but the antibiotics are killing his tummy and he is having a real hard time keeping food down.

    Bubba will be 11 years old in February. Dal's live between 10 and 12 years on average. I just can't imagine our lives without him. His goofy happiness taught me so much about what the important things in life are. (The little things!) They brought husband into the world of our neighborhood. They know everyone! I'll never forget the little boy down at the end of the block who used to see them walking and tell his mom "It's Bubba and the Man!"


    When the neighborhood hit a rough spot a couple of years back with vandalism, we knew everyone already and had no trouble setting up a neighborhood watch patrol. There are people on the street who will stop what they are doing just to pet him.
  4. Hound dog

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    That's so wonderful. :smile: And it says something about you that you've been able to recognize his faithful work and fully appreciate what he does.

    I think you and Chester were meant to be together.
  5. Steely

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    Yea, pet family cocoons me at night. Each dog at one foot and one end, and the cat and other dog at my sides. It is really the only thing that brings me comfort right now. Sad but true. And the fact that Chester puts up with difficult child's cr$p right now, says it all. They are my lifeline.
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    What a beautiful post!!! I totally understand how you feel about Chester. I have the same type of intense bond with my dog, my favorite "sanity saver." I think animals are just "furry" family members. They give so much to us and ask so little in return. I know I would be lost without her. WFEN
  7. Kjs

    Kjs Guest dogs go off to there spot during a meltdown, but come out and give us a big old kiss when it is over.

    Chloe, my older does a million tricks. If husband and I are talking and we say she needs a bath, she will quietly get up and go hide.

    the other night we were scolding her (very lightly). She tilted her head and when we stopped talking she got up on her hind legs and "begged". She even learned how to KISS UP.

    I never had a pet growing up, brother had bad allergies. Chloe is my first. don't know what I'Learning Disability (LD) do without her!