My easy child needs a hobby!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by standswithcourage, Mar 20, 2008.

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    My 17 year old easy child needs a hobby! I know I have posted about him before. Great kid - has a job at a local grocery store but hates it! Does well in school and plays video games with his friends - hunts with his Dad and just hangs out at home. He is slow to go through puberty so I think he feels a little insecure about that. I did take him to the doctor and there was nothing wrong about his slow to mature part. Soooooo - how do Ihelp him or do I? A friend of mine said he needed a hobby -
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    Hey Stands,

    You know 17 is such a tough age with kids. They are looking to be all independent but yet still come to us for 'things'. Dude is having tremendous success with the foster family and I think it's due to a couple things. 1. he feels like he's out on his own and away from me. ( I think I may still be toxic to his psyche) and 2. They go, do, participate in like 30 things a week. Dude loves it. He doesn't even mind being around little kids or the fosters.

    DF and I have a sedentary lifestyle and don't have a hyperactive battle plan. Apparently THIS is helpful to Dude.

    My thought would be a second job - maybe like at a theater where he could be the cool guy that could get his friends in movies? Maybe you just can ask him what he likes or would like to do and go from there.

    That is unless you want to start globe trotting and taking easy child to see the 10 wonders of the world? A second pt job would give him more money to PUT away for a hobbie - like maybe a cool car?

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    Why did she tell you your son needs a hobby? I am not sure I understand that part. I know my 16yo would no more take part in a hobby I organized than he would go out for a mani-pedi with me. I suspect many boys are like this with their moms.

    Why not have your husband organize a hobby for him??

    I think a different job, or a second job would be great. He could be saving $$ for college or whatever he plans to do after high school. He could also afford to go do what he wanted to, IF he wanted to go do something.
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    Darlin...and I say this with the utmost respect...

    Your meddling friend needs a hobby.

    He is 17. He plays video games. That is what 17 year olds do. Jump for joy that he is not following in his older brother's footsteps.
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    I think you are absolutely right! I have been thinking about it to. He does well in school, has friends that are decent and hangs at home and at friends houses that we trust - is never disrespectful - I am going to leave it alone. I am tired of trying to figure out what would make my child the happiest or what he needs to do. I think that was my problem with my other two - my youngest is so different from them - he is easy going - a gentle spirit and just nnice to be around. I am tired of worrying and glad he is not going off the deep end!
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    Don't fix wht's not broke! I agree, your friend needs a hobby and badly!!!