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  1. I was quietly waiting in the speech therapy waiting room while my easy child was in speech. Speech is at the same school that my difficult child attends 5 days a week for pre-k.

    Imagine my shock when I hear my difficult child's screams and five seconds later his teacher is carrying him to the office and he is kicking and screaming her just like he does me. She had him in what I call the football hold in order to keep herself from being kicked. I was so mortified. This is why he is in a special needs class, right? But I was still so embarassed. She asked him to walk and he refused and I said "Buddy, you need to walk" thinking my voice would shock him into walking and doing the right thing. Yeah, right! It didn't work although he was shocked enough to hear that I was there that he stopped screaming for a few seconds.

    I was afraid the poor teacher was going to break her back carrying him. He weighs 41 lbs. So I silently followed her (carrying him) to the office. And they closed the door to the office and I stayed outside the door and when he stopped screaming I finally went back to the waiting room and waited. The teacher came to the waiting room(after leaving him in the office with the --gasp-- principal) and told me what he was doing. Basically, he got mad because when he refused to take the classroom backpack (it was his turn) the teacher gave it to another student and he started screaming and kicking while sitting on the floor.

    I totally understood as he does this ignoring to us at home but I just hope we can fix this eventually as they are trying to mainstream him next year in kindergarten and he will have services come into the room some for him but not be in a self-contained classroom. Ugh, looks like we may have to go the medicine route eventually if he cannot keep it together. When he is good, he is very, very good. But when he doesn't get his way, watch out!!!

    Any ideas????

    We are hoping to implement the"chill-out" chair at school as well as at home.

    I offered my umbrella stroller for the teacher to use when he refuses to walk to the offfice, lunch, etc. so she wouldn't have to carry him. I just stopped a few months ago carrying it for emergencies such as this in lieu of putting out my back :):)

    If you've read this far, you deserve a medal. Thank you in advance for Any ideas!
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    I feel for you... what a horrible surprise for you. Too bad the surprise of you being there wasn't enough for difficult child to pull it together (it certainly would have made me get my act together as a kid if my mom showed up at school unexpectedly).

    We're in a similar boat having to seriously consider medication. While I'm reluctant to do so, I keep reading that medication along with- therapy can be the most effective route to take. It's just scary since theses guys are so young.

    I wish I had some advice for you, but can send you ((HUGS)) instead.

    Hang in there!


    P.S. Brilliant idea on the stroller... wish my guy could still fit into one.
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    My heart goes out to you. I can imagine how extremely hard it was for you to walk away from the principal's office. It is a struggle for me not to interfere in the school's discipline even though I know they are very fair. One day my difficult child saw me in the middle of an issue with a teacher and tried to get me to come to his defense. I didn't feel it proper to step in. I guess we have to follow our feelings - if something is wrong, we will feel it and definately step in and advocate for the difficult child. As long as we trust the school staff, it is best for difficult child to let them do their best. Otherwise difficult child will always drag you into everything to reflect the consequences.

    You did the right thing today - even as I am sure your heart was aching to help.
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    If they're looking to mainstream him next year, I suggest that you push for an aide for him.
  5. Thank you guys for the support. Let's put it this way: I totally trust the teacher who was carrying him. She is really a good teacher. She seems to appreciate my efforts to speak with her regarding us working out a reward system that carries over to home; such as no treasure box day-no video game that night. It seems to work for him right now! Hope it lasts!
  6. SRL- I have a resource person coming in for him at certain times during the day. Is this the same thing?