My eye appointment :-)

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by dreamer, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. dreamer

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    It went very well, YAY!
    This eye doctor is the one who sent my son to the univ after his eye injury after ER said his eye was fine. This eye doctor was also the one that took care of my best friends eye removal due to melanoma.
    And they remembered me from both my son and my friend (I went with my friend to several of her eye appts) BUT they did NOT know my son lost his fight to save his eye nor that my friend had succumbed to the melanoma.

    ANyway, they examined my eyes, and I think becuz of my friend and my son, I was being a little hypochondriacish? LOL.......
    My retinas and macula are "just fine" Sicca syndrome and sjogrens are minor...the vision problems most likely due to fluctuating blood sugars, which I currently have been working on and am seeming to do well with. (Did not KNOW I had diabetic/blood sugar issues when I made the opth appointment) No glaucoma, no cataracts. and my glasses are still acceptable Rx.
    So, it was GOOD news and timing was just right to GET good news!!!! YAY! I am SO relieved! Maybe I just have a little hyper awareness of eye stuff....cuz of my son, and my friend, and my aunt (had one eye) and my sister in law (blind in one eye) and another friend has another eye illness, and cousin married a blind man. LOL. and I spend TOO much time at the eye clinic at the Univ.
    Oh and my DOG is even blind in one eye, too--complications from a non functional lacrimal gland.

    ROFL. YAY! I am doing a happy dance now! YAY!
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    :jumping:Glad you got a good report. I know you are relieved.:jumping:

  3. totoro

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    Glad to read it!!! I know how you get paranoid... it is so easy. I have major eye sensitivity to light and my migraines make it so much worse with tunnel vision, K gets buggy eyes from allergies... then with N having eye surgery and possible future eye surgery, I am a bit paranoid as well!!!
    I am happy for you!!!
  4. susiestar

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    I am glad your eyes are in good shape. You were really due some good news!!

    I know how easy it is to be overcautious about your eyes, esp after all you have gone through. I would call it being careful! I was relieved after my eye exam too. So far no bifocals!!

  5. Hound dog

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    Yea!!! I'm so happy your eyes checked out ok. I'm sure you're relieved. And you've been overdue for good news.