my fight for theraputic school



I am so tired of trying to prove my kid needs it. It basically comes down to the $$$. At least this week difficult child II has been going to school. School finally did back me up that he had to go every day this week or no "4th grade day" on Friday (year end celebration). The prinicipal even was ready to come pick him up is he tried to say he wasn't going. But knock on wood, so far so good, I am getting ready to get him now for "Day 4".

I another note I did take difficult child II off lexapro, DR will be thrilled I am sure but she's away for 4 weeks. I weaned for a week and then went cold over the weekend and watched him like a hawke. He is now only on the Depakote (125 2 x's a day) and 20 of the Abilify. I am praying we'll see a difference soon. We will see.