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has definitely been affected by having a difficult child. This weekend when we were driving to Michigan a car cut off right in front of us-I know I shouldn't have but yelled out what the He double toothpicks? difficult child yelled at me not to curse (this from the boy who does it all the time) then he got a very angry tone and yelled that I didn't even know how to do it right-I wasn't supposed to say what the H? I was supposed to yell what the F?

husband and I told him calmly that neither one was appropriate but after he was asleep we just cracked up laughing-here is my almost 10 year old telling me how to swear-it so sad but we had to laugh. Yep my sense of humor is definitely warped!
THAT is funny.

Since my difficult child will repeat everything I say...and then tell anyone who asks "I heard that from my mom!", I really R E A L L Y have tried to curb my cursing in front of her. My most famous saying now is "oh, are you KIDDING me?" which usually gets a giggle from difficult child, and then I end up letting the annoyance roll off my back.

A sense of humor is an absolute necessity to get through life. May it be as warped as you like.

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Sharon, I've met you - you can be a whole lot more warped than that! :rofl: Don't let me down, girl. :smile:

I'm glad that difficult child cleared up the proper phraseology for you. I'd have been concerned that you wouldn't know how to express your feelings. :rofl:


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I think we should go back to the classics:
gosh durn it
wellll doggies

make them look at you and really roll your eyes!


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Well, I've been known to use both WT's referred to above, but as a general rule, only when I am drinking anymore so not when I am driving!

I like "Holy Cats!" husband uses "Rats" or even "Rabbits". "Rabbits"? Oh, well...