My son died of a coceine overdose yesterday


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I join with others in sharing sorrow for the loss of your son. Such pain and heartbreak is hard to bear. Take care of yourself, dear. Lifting prayers with you and your family. You will have the strength you need.

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february ~ I am so sorry for the loss of your son. I lost my favorite nephew coming on 5 years ago in a few days now, he was a sweetheart, loved him so. I just can't imagine how it is for you, there are no words. I can only hope the loving remembrance of your son starts to overcome the pain of not having him here softens for you into your future.


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Dear February:

I am as sorry as I can be. Please know we hear you. We validate the unbelievable pain you are in. You are so very strong and have been a loving mother. Please post here whatever you need: you can be mad or sad or nostalgic. May the good memories (and I am so happy that your son was happy on your birthday) sustain you. We absolutely know that he was your little boy and you have happy memories (and of course hard memories too). Take good care of yourself if you can: rest, hydrate, read or watch what comforts you. All my hugs and prayers to you.


Thank you ladies for your kind words, it's been a few weeks and it does not feel better, even though the shock is no more there. Now reality sets in. My husband flew today to the other town to pick up his ashes, and I'm just here home waiting for tomorrow to receive my son's ashes. Please continue to pray for me that God will give me peace, and encourage.