My son has difficulties while speaking

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    My son has some difficulties while speaking. He is 6 years old, and he has not yet started speaking properly like the other kids of his age do. At first we thought this might be normal, because some kids start talking lately. But, he is 6 years now, and he still has so much difficulties while speaking. So, we consulted a doctor and that is when we got to know that it is some kind of a birth injury. I read some details about this.. So, we want to know if we will get a compensation if we file a case now, because our financial condition is not so good. What are the chances? And will my son be cured completely? Are there some specific hospitals where I could take him?
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    Does he have autism? You can file for Disability and he should get other services too. Be sure you submit medical records. He should also get an IEP at school. What kind of doctor diagnosed brain damage? We are just moms here. Some things can be cured and some you have to learn to live with.
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    Welcome, mollysimard. Which country do you live in? If you live in the U.S., you can access services through either a Children's Hospital or your local county. There are speech therapists who are specially trained to help children improve their speech.
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    His school might offer speech therapy at no charge.
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    Thanks for those replies. No, he does not have autism. We have consulted a personal injury lawyer, and I really hope that we get through this. I want to see my son be like other kids of his age, and I will go to any extent to see him like that. I am not sure if his school offers speech therapy..
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    If you live in the U.S, they should offer speech therapy. Does your son has an IEP? Your lawyer should find out wjat services that the school district MUST offer per law. What is the lawyer trying t accomplish? Has he spoken to the school personnel?