My week is complete



My week started off with car trouble and an ear infection. The local place I took my car to didn't have the proper scanning software to read the diagnostic code on my Kia. Everyone agreed that it wasn't safe to drive, so I had it towed to Columbus (about 30 minutes away). Turns out that it needed a tune up :surprise: :whew: (12,000 miles early, but my car has always done things before it's supposed to. It's an overachiever.), a new belt and a wheel bearing replaced that was going bad. It cost $80 for the tow (that it didn't need). Another $900 for the rest. Got my car back on Wednesday. Was informed that I would need new brakes soon. Can't wait.

I made it to the doctor and they irrigated my ears and gave me antibiotics. I was there Monday, Tuesday and Friday. By Friday my ears were worse. The irrigation caused an infection of the ear canal which requires a different antibiotic. The pain from this infection is such that I can't turn my head to either side and can't open my mouth very wide - I guess from the swelling. So, I'm also on pain medications. Chewing is also uncomfortable.

My beloved kitty is critically ill. I may very well be bringing her home to die come Monday. :crying: I don't want her to die in some strange place (to her) without me.

Then today, the antibiotic upsets my stomach. It takes A LOT to make me throw up, but I did. And when I did, I peed.

When that happened, I just thought, "You know, my week is now complete." :rofl:

Linda is right. You have to laugh at the absurd. Otherwise, you'd just go crazy.
What a crummy week! been there done that, don't want to do it again!!

Hope this week is MUCH, much better for you. Hope your ear pain gets better, that is NOT fun at all!