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    This weekend was a festival weekend for us. A local artist had set up a gallery in a neat old building and husband and I checked it out Friday night. There were some really incredible paintings (originals and all for the bargain price of hundreds! lol) and she also had prints of the paintings. All of the participating artists were local except one but there was all types of stuff. Paintings, pottery, jewelry and some really neat windchimes. They are made of old silverware and kitchen tools. I picked one out for my mom and then stopped by my aunt's house to show her. She loved them and gave me money to go back and get two for her and one for another aunt. When it was all said and done, she said I was confused....the third one was for me, not my other aunt. (Uh huh....sure....whatever ;) ) Either way, they are really neat. The picture isn't the greatest but it gives you the idea. According to my aunt, the topper for the one with all spoons is a tea strainer.

    If you are interested in getting one of these, pm me and I can find contact information on the artist. The most expensive one I saw was $15.00. Of the three I bought, 2 were $10 and one was $8.
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    Cool stuff:)
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    LOL I was at my friends today for a grad party and they had salt and pepper shakers made out of 35mm film canisters, they had tupperware lids on them that fit perfectly, not sure why this post made me think of them. LOL
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    I love the tea strainer one - HOW clever!!!!!!

    Do they sound like rusting in a knife drawer or like ting ting a ling?
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    Ting ting a ling! And the tea strainer one really sounds pretty!