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    I know others have talked about getting an advocate to come to meetings with them at school. How do you go about finding these people?

    The problem I am facing is difficult child's teacher has not been doing her job and I asked early on to have him transferred to a different class and the principal would not do that. He wanted to meet with me and the teacher to problem solve. I have been in contact almost daily with the teacher to try to resolve our issues - which has been unsuccessful. I honestly think the teacher is not doing her job - she is:

    not sending homework home at times
    not collecting completed work the next day
    not using the planner to keep track of homework assignments and have the parents sign daily
    not communicating with the parents what needs to be done
    not using positive reinforcement or even giving any positive feedback - only negative.
    She tells me things like "if difficult child had been paying attention in class...." HELLO - he has ADHD. He has a hard time paying attention.
    She also passed out homework at the end of the day, difficult child completed it at his desk as they were being excused and she took it from him and gave him a new one and told him homework needs to be done at home.
    She writes on his paper Listen! and Be neater!, but never good job

    I have not wanted to meet with the teacher and principal together because my complaints are about the teacher. I have a very hard time confronting people verbally and when I am in person I tend to back down and not say what I need to say. I tend to smooth things over. I do well when I communicate in writing. I want someone with me who will go to bat for my kid and say the things that need to be said in person at our meeting.

    Does anyone have any advice? If the principal just went into her classroom and looked in the students planners, he would see she is not using them like she says she is when confronted about it.
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    Hi. I'm going through the great school fight right now and I'm learning a lot about our rights as parents. We have a lot of them, but we don't know that. First off, does your daughter have an IEP or a 504? This is important. Secondly, to find the advocate in your area, call your state Department of Public Education, ask for Special Education, and ask who your advocate is then call her. DO NOT ask your school district about an Advocate. You'll get snowed.
    Never go to a meeting alone. We did and we are sooooooooooo sorry and it will NEVER happen again.
    Document every single bit of contact you have with the school and date it. Keep everything you are given by them. Don't just get verbal promises. Make them write it down. But first things first...
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    You can call your dept of ed and ask them is they have a state advocacy agency. I think most states do. To get a free advocate, generally you have to apply.
    This is what I found...

    You can always hire one, too.
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    Look up Pederson Krag and see if there is one in your state. its' a in home crisis unit for children like ours. a weekly advocate would come into the house and assist as well as head to mtgs with-you.

    good luck!
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    Thanks everyone. I actually contacted the person who heads up the Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) in our area. She is excellent! I gave her the run down and she is willing to go to the meeting with me. YAY!

    Now I just need to keep getting my ducks in a row so I have all of the requests I have made of the school to show the principal when we meet.