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We just had our first ARD today and everything went quite well. We decided to sign Sammy up for the SD program which is 2 days a week for 2 hours each time. It is a very intensive language and self help class. It sounds really great actually. My question is this. Without these 2 days a week of SD speech Sammy goes to school on those 2 days and 3 days we have to be out of the house at 8:15 drive an hour to go to therapy for 2-3 hours drive an hour to come home and have him be exhausted from all of the hard work. You add these 2 days he will have therapy 5 days a week no time for his school which he loves. He has friends there. Is this overkill? I am thinking to quit the private therapy for now. OUr point being, his main problem is behavioral. Today, he learned everything by the second try. Meaning, if he deicides he wants to do something and not battle, he gets it immidiately. So, he will get it for therapy by the second try and at home he wont do it. Is it worth wearing him out and spending thousands of dollars when he can do this anywhere?


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They were working on everything but I guess my point is Sammy ahs no time to just play and be a kid. He is 3 and has a regular work week. How unfair is that?! The problem I am having with the private therapy is that it isnt going to make his behavior better at home, he isnt going to walk in public for us, He isnt going to cooperate with anything at home so what is the point. It isnt going to change anything. We know that Sammy is quite bright. We know that he has the amazing capacity to take in and retain information. So why are we paying thousands of dollars and making this kid insane with stuff that we know he can do its just at home with us he wont do. A million hours of therapy is not going to change that. I just dont know what the right thing to do is anymore. I am stressed and overtired and feel like a chauffer.SP
I just want him to be able to enjoy life not have to work every second of the day. He is only 3!


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I would say to follow your instincts. You have a bond with your child. It may be that right now is not the itme to expect him to do all the things. IF your instincts say that he needs a break from the private therapy, take the break.

Many of us have had to take breaks from one kind of therapy or antoher simply because it just got to be too much.

You have to remember that he IS just a kid, just 3.

Trust yourself.



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Dara, nearly everyone who has children with intensive early intervention needs reach crossroads where they have to make choices. (Later on as kids progress the issue often becomes dropping therapy.) It's just plain hard to know what to do.

In the end you just have to go with your gut. Some children absolutely thrive on a combination of full time therapy/school. I know of kids--even at age 3--who go half a day private and half a day public settings five days a week and do absolutely great. They thrive with the structure and do better with the constant supervision of teachers and interaction of peers. Others, like mine, can't handle that much for various reasons and need more downtime. Only you can really determine what's right for him and what's do-able for you as a mother.

Good luck with your decision.


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My son went a half day to Head Strt and a half day to Early Education. My son LOVED both plus his therapy and had time to play, especially at Head Start. He also made huge advances by all that early education. Does your son seem like he is tired out? Lucas was always eager to go. However, he went to the SD and wasn't alone. He always had kids around him. They also taught him social skills. Rather than just giggling and running with other kids, they taught him how to talk to them conversationally--this has helped him through the years. Good luck in your decision!