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    My friend's grandmother E passed away Tuesday unexpectedly and it's really hitting the family hard. My friend M is very family oriented and visited her grandparents as often as possible. (We live in IN and her grandparents live in MI) M's parents (g'parents are on her mother's side) are both gone and basically all she has on her side besides her siblings are her grandparents, and aunt and uncle and some cousins.

    E had broken her leg earlier this summer. She didn't even fall, just went to the bathroom, stood up to pull her pants up and her leg snapped. She had had surgery and was in rehab. She'd had some ups and downs emotionally but on Monday had been in a great mood. Her doctor was very pleased with the healing of the leg (there had been concerns), was told she could start putting weight on it and could start PT so she could go home. Her husband of 69 years (N) had spent the day with her, my friend got to talk to her...everything was great. Tuesday morning, the nurses went in to help her out of bed and she stopped them. She was so proud, told them she could do it herself and did! Got out of bed and into her chair. The nurses were clapping and cheering for her. Then the next thing they knew she was slumped over in her chair....gone.

    M and her family and sibs from this area are on the road now if they kept to their schedule. It's going to be a long weekend for them. They are staying with a cousin who lives an hour away from the funeral home so there will be a lot of driving, a lot of stress and a lot of emotion. Her one sister lives in Nova Scotia and can't make it though and my friend feels horrible for her.

    If you could just send some good thoughts their way, I would appreciate it. This was such a shock to the whole family. Aside from the leg issue, E was pretty healthy so this came out of the blue. M said her grandfather is very angry and I'm worried about him also. I've met them a couple of times and they are really nice people.

    Thanks ahead of time.
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    I'm so sorry to hear that. Sending prayers for the family.
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    Sending good thoughts, Stang. She sounds like an amazing woman.