Need suggestions for NM/Texas psychiatrists please

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Got2Sleep, Apr 3, 2007.

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    HI son is 6 and has several diagnosis. We have been told many times that he is a "complicated" case. We live in rural NM and are needing assistance finding some support services, especially a neuropsychologist or child psychiatrist.

    Thank you all for your help.
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    Got2Sleep, I live in Houston and can give you the name of some doctors. Is that too far for you? My son is eleven now, but we've been on this road since he was four. Let me know if you need names of doctors in this area and I'll PM you.
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    We cannot name docs on this site, for legal purposes. However, usually the best place to start is at the Children's Hospital in your area. They are the specialists and they are usually helpful in suggesting services. You can also find out more about services available to you through your school district. The sites that Linda provided should be helpful as well.
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    Please do. We were driving to San Antonio, so Houston wont be that much farther. Thanks so much.

    We did at one time got to Temple(Scott and White) and have an evaluation and they sent us somewhere in Houston, but I cant remember the name. It was a small facitlity with rehab for stroke victims as well...just not a fit for us at the time.

    Thanks again!
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    Thanks..I will look into these sites.!

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    I understand and sorry to ask for rule breaking. Maybe just a general location and I can delve farther into it then. I am just tired of searching and thought I could get some experienced help.