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    tomorrow is the big day, we go for neuro psychiatric testing. i cant wait yet i am so nervous. will i leave there with resukts or does it take some time to get them? how long for the results?
    husband and i are hopingi walk outta there with a diagnoses but not sure if that is asking too much. he went away with my parents this weekend and easy child stayed home with was such a nice peaceful weekend. he was an agel for them, not an angel but not the terror he is with us. hes only been home maybe 3 hours and hubby is ready to leave and go to anyplace to get away from him, easy child is in her room to stay away. he has been yelling at us, screaming crying etc since he got home. tomorrow cant get here fast enough but hoping to walk out of there with something.

    let me know if you know how long results can take.

    thank you
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    I think how long untill you get results varies with docs and how much/what type of tests they do. You will not probably walk out with a diagnosis, but I am not sure on that. My difficult child is much older, and had a diagnosis when we went in for neuropsychologist testing. He did his testing about 2 weeks ago, and I am going to get the results tomorrow. I hope you find out lots of good info. I wish I had done this with my son years ago, and am anxiously awaiting the results tomorrow.
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    The appointment confirmation letter I got from the neuropsychologist we'll be seeing says he'll meet with us again 2-3 weeks after the assessment to go over the results. Not sure if that's standard or not, just what I was told. Good luck! I hope they get to see him act the way he does with you. That would be very helpful. Any chance you can video anything to show them (make a copy they can keep)? Just an idea.