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    There are two methods of seeing a neuro-psychologist here. One can either see one via the public health service (free), which involves a very long waiting list and also a measure of uncertainty about whether one will actually be chosen to see her - seems like you have to chase it up all the time - or a private practitioner (there is one advertising in my local town). I have spoken to her and she would do tests that she said would take two to two and a half hours, at a cost of the equivalent of about 300 dollars.
    I am thinking to go with the latter option but also wonder how useful this test would be at the stage of a pre-schooler. What information might I expect it to give me (I imagine there is parity between European and American working methods)? Would it reveal anything in terms of ADHD?
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    To be honest, here the neuropsychs usually test 6-10 hours. I'm not sure what can be figured out in such a short period of time. If the public neuropsychologist does a more intensive work up, it may be worth the wait. The neuropsychologist tries to get a look at the whole child and I'm not sure that can happen with such a short evaluation. Most of us here, if not covered by insurance, pay about $1500. Our insurance covered the whole ten hours.

    Also, even though we went private, there was a three month wait. NeuroPsychs are very popular in the US and you can't get in right away. If I could, I'd wonder if it was somebody competenet.

    Just my .02.
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    Ask what tests she would likely administer.