neuropsychologist evaluation - I need the basics, please

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    Let's assume my difficult child's health insurance won't cover a neuropsychologist evaluation. How do I find a good neuropsychologist? What should I expect to pay, and what should I expect to find out?

    What I think I want to know is: does he have ADHD? Sensory processing issues? Is there any connection between his seizure disorder and his behaviors? What about a connection between his medication and his behaviors?

    Are these the kinds of questions a neuropsychologist can answer?

    Also, is it "neuropsychiatry" or "neuropsychology?"

    If anyone has been there done that in the Los Angeles area I'd really appreciate the name of a good practice.

    Thanks so much!
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    The best bet is to find a children's hospital. They usually have a good neuropsychologist people. They should be able to give you some of the answers you are seeking or point you the rest of way you might want to go.

    I am a little far to recommend one in your neck of the woods though.

    The links are for places I looked up in a search. The first is an advocacy group in california for childrens health and the second is a childrens hospital in Los Angeles. On it lists a dr search. I just did a search of by specialty and it is listed as neuropsychiatry and found 6. Hope this helps.

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    You're looking for a neuropsychologist, NOT a neuropsychiatrist. Children's and university teaching hospitals are good places to start your search. However, because your difficult child has a medical condition with a possible psychiatric overlay, you might do better with a multicisiplinary evaluation, also found at children's and university teaching hospitals. The multidisciplinary team is likely to have a neuropsychologist on board. For sensory issues, you should take your son for an Occupational Therapist (OT) evaluation (although a multisciplinary team might have one on board -- you'd need to ask). Another type of professional who may be able to help you is a behavioral neurologist.

    Good luck.

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    If possible - try to type out a list of your questions that can be answered with yes and no - or short answers

    Ask the dr. if he has a minute to answer some of your concerns and show him your list -

    That has saved me from forgetting anything because of "medication-speak" once we got in the room. Take notes too.

    Good luck

    If you are looking for a referral - I always ask MY doctor who he would seek if it were his children? Or not mention anything to anyone about my son and say "Who would you say is the best so &So type Dr."