neuropsychologist or Neurologist

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    what is the difference between the two?and which one should i be trying to get my son an appointment with?i have an appointment for him at the neorology office,(i didnt know their was two different kinds of testing ,i thought nero testing was the same at both. :hammer:sorry just learning all this stuff.
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    You may need both. Neurologists perform MRIs and EEGs to check for brain structure abnormalities and seizure activity. Neuropsychologists assess cognitive and psychological functioning with paper-and-pencil and motor tests.
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    I had both done for my difficult child- at different times. The neuropsychologist. tests were for learning ability/mental processing issues and has helped a great deal to understand his cognitive strengths and weaknesses and what accommodations might help at school. The EEG and neurologist's test checked to see what physical aspects of the brain appear "normal" or "abnormal". I would think you might want the neuroligist exam, depending on what potential issue you want to check on, but the neuropsychologist helps with school accommodations no matter what issue the difficult child has. Unless your difficult child has a physical issue pertaining to his brain, the neuroligist might not find anything, although a good one can pick up on other things going on. Anyway, neuropsychologist testing should reveal memory problems, executive functioning problems, language problems, etc., that might sound like they'd be obvious, but they aren't obvious.