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    Being a mother of 4 comes with it's own set of challenges but my 9 year old is giving me a RUN for my money. This year has been especially difficult with him, he ws put on a medication that did not match well with his system and ended up spending 9 days in pschy care facility. Since comming hime it has been nothing but one battle after another.

    The worst of it is reflected at me and on almost a daily basis we spend often several hours on a battle of "who's the boss".

    Yesterday the battle started when I asked him to reveiw his spelling words with him, 2 hours later and seveal mini battles my husband came home and was to bring him down.

    As my family keeps telling me the problme is he is no longer afraid of me, obviosly beating him isn't the answer so what do I do so my husband doesn't always have to come to the rescue??????
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    Welcome to the "family" but sorry you need to be here. First of all, we are going to need more information to be of any real help. What diagnosis does your son have? What medication(s) is he on and what has been tried? You said a medication did not match well with his system. Can you explain that a little further? Specifically what behaviors are you seeing. It may not be that he is "not afraid" of you (I would hope this is not the goal) but rather is coping with things in the wrong way. Without knowing where the behaviors are coming from, it is going to be hard to change them.

    Read the book "The Explosive Child" by Ross Greene. Many of us here swear by it, sometimes with adaptations for our given situations.

    Others will be along to offer advice but we can't offer much without knowing more.
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    Can you tell us more about him, starting from early on? We really don't have much to go on. The more you tell us, the better we can try to guide you. Who diagnosed him? What medication was he on? Do you agree with the diagnosis? How did he respond as an infant and toddler? Anything psychiatric on his family tree?

    Welcome to the board :)