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Hello there

I am new here, I have been searching for a site like this for a while now. I have 3 beautiful children, each with their own issues, however my youngest is the most troubling. He will be turning 4 soon and for the last year he has been exibiting some ODD behaviour. I have taken him to our doctor on 3 different occasions trying to explain how difficult my life is with him but have been blown off each time and told this is just a phase. I don't think this is a phase.

He started with the arguing, would argue with me over anything, even if he was right he'd still argue with me about it. Then came the violence, he'd fly into these fits of rage and beat the hell out of me giving me black eyes and bloody noses. He likes to annoy people and needs constant attention. The only time he's happy is if it is just me and him alone and his siblings aren't around. I own a child care center and I have had to send him to another daycare while I work because his behaviour was so bad.

At his daycare he's fine, listens, doesn't argue, plays well and then he comes home and BANG I get exorcist child. I am a single Mother with 3 children and this is just so draining. My oldest child suffers from depression, anxiety and ADD, my middle son suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and now I have my youngest with ???????

I'm going to start making calls on Monday since my own doctor has blown me off and won't help me. I know of some resources in the city that I can call and will do that on Monday. I'm just hoping that I can find out how to deal/cope with his behaviour and how to help him with his anger issues.

If anyone has some resource ideas or suggestions I would be so thankful.

Andrea Danielle

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Hi and welcome to the site! It is always nice to see fellow Canadians. I can recommend a lot of places in Toronto if you happen to be in my city. If you are, I will send you a private message with some great resources.
There will be others who come along soon with great advice, I am new at this too, but know as a very first thing that you need to get a copy of Ross Greene's book, The Explosive Child. It is the first place to start! I have read so many other parenting books and for kids like ours, this one is really the best. Also, under My Home create a signature like mine, or like others use to give an overview of who are you as it helps everyone keep the facts straight.

Good luck, I am glad that you have found us!



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Thanks so much, I'm actually in BC I do know of one or 2 places I can call and hopefully if they can't help me they will point me in the right direction. I added my info in my signature like you suggested.

Thanks again


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Just wanted to welcome you to the board :grin:

I myself know nothing about Canadian laws but ask away as there are several members from your region who frequent the board.

The book "The Explosive Child" is a great place to start as Andrea said.

It's been kinda slow around here this weekend due to our holiday but others will be along.

Take care,