New here..happy to have found you all!!


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Hello, I am a stay at home mom in Southern California, I have six kids and a great husband. We have been through H and back with Social Services and we have adopted, have homeless kids and a kid who cannot live at home due to his step dad abusing him.

We adopted difficult child 1 from foster care, after a four year battle with DCFS, they did not want us to adopt her and even denied our homestudy, we appealled and had it overturned.
She had ODD, severe ADHD,anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), adjustment disorder and some attachment issues. She just turned 13 and is in 6th grade with an IEP. We were her 11th placement.

Two bios, with previous hubby, one 19 inattentive ADD, and general anxiety disorder, second is easy child 17, ADHD, great kid, and comic, always happy, has severe obstructive sleep apnea, just had knee surgery.

Homeless kid one easy child 15 doing the best she can!
Homeless kid two easy child 16 has some anger, but I would too!
Parents signed over guardianship after knowing our family for fifteen minutes, have not seen them since.

Kid who is here, difficult child, 15 yr old boy, doing ok here, but a lot of anger around his family adopted at 4 because his A mom wanted to have his baby sister, she really did not want to adopt him but it was a package deal. Previous drug and alcohol use, clean one month he has lived here.

ME: General Anxiety disorder since age 13, fibromyalgia, diabetes and Chronic Fatigue.

Well I guess that is good for a general info. Looking forward to learning and supporting people here.


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Wow! Hats off to you and husband for being Warrior Parents!

Welcome to the site and feel free to share any time. Chances are you can help people here!



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Welcome to the board from another South Carolininan. Glad you found us. Your life sounds interesting---bet it's never boring around your house.