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    Hi everyone!
    husband & I are parents to three children, two have issues that are difficult to deal with at times. Our daughter is 9 going on 18 and the ODD only makes it ten times harder!! She does well in school but has issues making friends. At home she can be a challenge. She lies about things she has done or food that she has eaten. She argues frequently, and speaks harshly to her brothers.

    Our middle child, a son who is 7 has numerous issues. We originally thought it was an ADHD problem but over the past 4 months his behaviors have gotten worse. He had many challenges in school this year. We had to have him hospitalized recently for extreme aggression and self harm. We are going to see a behavioral pediatrician tomorrow to have him tested for Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD). He has poor eye contact, poor social interaction, stimming behaviors and much more.

    Our youngest son is 3 and currently has no issues except he is learning all of his brother and sister's behaviors!!!

    husband & and I are mentally burnt out!!! Glad I found this site to get support from others.

    Thanks for reading,
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    Welcome. Glad you found us but sorry you had to. Sounds like your plate is full and we all understand how the stress accumulates. Which type of MD's have seen your children? Have they had (the older two) a neuro/psychiatric exam? Are either of the older two in therapy? When someone new comes aboard it's helpful for us to know what type of help has been used etc. so any helpful posts we do are more on target. Mainly I want to say that we're all to have you onboard. DDD
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    Did the 7 year old always have poor eye contact? Or was it a sudden change like the behavior?
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    Thanks for the welcome!
    Our daughter had psychologial testing done in 2007, that testing determined the ADHD, ODD diagnosis
    Our son has not had any testing done except for the parent/teacher forms for the ADHD, done by his peditrician. He is having the testing for the Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) tomorrow so we will see where that takes us.

    Neither one is in therapy right now. daughter was, but it was a joke!! The counseling center had us see a college intern and we felt like it wasn't going anywhere. With DS' issues and hospitization we stopped her sessions.

    DS is being set up with a psychiatrist and outreach therapy from a mental health clinic referred by the hospital.
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    The eye contact has been a slight issue, we took it at first as an ignorance or defiance, it has gotten much worse over the past few months and has been noticed by family, his teacher, and when he was at the hospital.
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    Welcome, msmlb.
    I hear you.
    I think the question of eye contact may fall under the heading of autism/Asperger's. Just a thought.
    I'm brain dead at the moment. Had a rough morning with-my son.
    I'll check back when I've got more energy, but just wanted to say "Welcome."