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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by RobinD, Jan 20, 2008.

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    Well actually I am old member but been a long time since I have been here. I believe it was since my ds was 9 and daughter was 6. Now my ds is 13 and daughter is 10.

    How many Wisconsin members here???

    Well over the past few years we had total of 11 inpatients for my ds but his last one was May 2006. He really struggle going to public school. He had assualted his Special Education teacher in 5th grade and that was his last inpatient and his last year at the public school. We have both kids in special needs school which a Milaukee charter school. The class sizes are smaller and are doing much better. He start this new school when he was in 6th grade this year he is 7th grade. And making great progress his gpa is 3.5 :) And he no longers fights me on going to school or doing his homework. He has been on the same medications since the last inpatient of May 2006 (lamictal, lithium, seroquel, ativan and synthroid) daughter has been having issues of being helpless and being in her own little world. She is autistic. Ds has Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) along with bipolar. She has the Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), adhd, speech and language, ODD and possible BiPolar (BP) as well. She taking lamictal and seroquel besides bedwetting medications.

    When he was younger his rages were 4 hours or longer. And was so aggressive, destructive and violent. Today he has rages but they are not like they were before and don't very long. He can still be aggressive and destructive but it is much better than before.

    We struggle with weight gain with both of the kids due to there medications. We have been going to children's to get help with the diet and getting them to be more active as well.

    Well its bitterly cold in Wisconsin these last few days. Yesterday the darn kitchen sink pipe froze up and last nite the darn toliet froze up and its still frozen this today. Got the kitchen pipe unthaw but no luck with the toliet yet ugh! Have a heater on both pipes. UGH! I hate this bitter cold.
    Hope gets warmer soon! Tomorrow they are talking 3 to 6 inches of snow.

    Well have a great Sunday! Tomorrow kids are off for martin luther king day. They also had off Friday so been a 4 day weekend for them and stuck in the house all weekend due to the cold weather. Good thing for ps2!!

    Robin from Wisconsin
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    Hi Robin, it's a good update. Thanks for letting us know. Sounds like real progress with behavior and academics. How does he do with social skills? Have you seen any growth in that area?

    Just wondering.

    Welcome back.
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    Yes he is more social since he got to this new school. Teachers report he is even happy and laughs too. I was like my Willy do that. Wow! We also been working on social skills in there in home autism therapy. They both have in home autism therapist. He had it since he was 7 half and his sister since she was 4 half. They continue to have it yet. It has help alot! His sister is not social appropriate though she needs alot of work on his social skills yet. But he has come such a long way. His teacher this year is bipolar as well. She told me she was afraid of Willy due to his behaviors his first year there. But now all he comes home with all 10's which is the best score. They have daily behavior point sheets which they grade by point system for academics and behaviors in each class. I love it. Lots of communication with teachers and even email. He had some behaviors but between teachers, therapist and myself we were able to work out. He had 1 suspension this year for hitting a girl. This was the week of Thanksgiving. So now we got them seperated and on different vans as well. They get door to door service by a school van. LOVE IT!!
    He also into liking girls now too. He has a crush on one in his class. But she tells him she only likes him as a friend.

    Nice to back here too!
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    Welcome back-glad there are some improvements! Sounds like great communication between school and home! by the way, I'm a fellow Wisconsinite!
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    Where do you reside? I am in Milwaukee, Wisconsin freezing my butt off! lol

    and darn it the toilet is still frozen ugh! I hate old houses its from 1882 and we just had the whole bathroom gutted and redone this summer. Also new roof, windows, gutters, water heater and aluminum trim on the house so more painting outside.

    Kids are actually being pretty good. Son is watching the patriot game and waiting for the packers to play tonite. He is a true packer and bucks fan.

    Well time to check the noodles for the chili tonite I am making. Somethign to keep me warm tonite!
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    I'm in Madison-freezing here too-I just posted in the water cooler that we don't have any heat save the fire place as our furnace is broke! I've got homemade chicken soup in the crockpot though!
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    Well we had our furance go out last year. And had to get a new one. Now if the darn toliet pipe would unthaw so it will fill up the tank and flush! Don't want to burst either behind the drywall. The shutoff is outside the wall and the flexible pipe that attaches to the toliet tank were frozen they feel unthaw but it is not filling the tank so that makes me think it is behind the drywall now. I have a small heater blowing on the pipe and the wall. Trying to keep the bathroom warm.

    So what do you teach and what grade? The school they go to goes from 1st thru 12 th grade so no transition for them for jr or high school. The teachers and staff are awesome with communciation and doing great with the kids. They use ortin gillingham for reading. And they also have tae kwon do as there gym class as well. They use the 5 tenants of tae kwon do thru out the day as well. They also use love and logic as well.
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    Hi, Robin. I remember you from CABF. My son was misdiagnosed as bipolar and we chatted sometimes. I live in mid-Wisconsin. Glad to hear things are better. My son is Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) (not bipolar) and is doing really well. He's fourteen now (Lucas). This is a good bunch of folks. You'll get lots of support here.
    And, yes, it's cold, but I don't care. I'm getting ready to watch the PACKERS!!!!!

    GO PACK!!!! ;)
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    Hi Robin, welcome to our corner of cyberspace. I recognize you from the CABF message board, which I read more than I post on. Sorry it's so cold in Wisconsin and your pipes froze. It's cold here in Maryland, but I'm sure not as cold as where you are!

    Your kids' school sounds amazing. I wish we could find a really good school fit for my son, who just finished up 5 weeks at a day treatment program. He's in 9th grade at a private school (because it's smaller and more nurturing than our large public high school), but his school is not sure they want him back because he was so emotionally shut down before he went to private school. If it doesn't work out at his current school, we may push really hard to get him into a therapeutic day school in our county.

    You have landed in a really great group of supportive parents. Again, welcome.
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    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and to see a few members from cabf too.

    Well not just are toliet tank is frozen our shower drain is frozen. The shower works but it isn't draining so it must be frozen as it fills up quickly with water. Just what we needed on top of the toliet issue.

    Well I hope it unthaws at least by tomorrow so can take showers. I don't want to be standing in puddle of water. And since its only a shower can't go to high with the water without it being on the floor that would be a mess. I have two heaters in the bathroom trying to get it to unthaw. Its getting nice and warm in the bathroom hope enough to unthaw things.

    I am sitting here covered in blanket and have my heat cranked as well. I just so cold that I can't get warm.

    can't believe the packers are playing in the cold and how packer fans are sitting in that cold ugh! Son is watching the game right now.
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    Wecome back. I, too am in the Madison area & have enjoyed the sun from the INSIDE the past 2 days. We have the Packers on, brats on the grill & a fire in the fireplace. Hope you thaw out soon.

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    Wow 3 members from Wisconsin so far how many are here from Wisconsin??

    So do you think packers are going to the superbowl???