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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by annetteboschetti, Oct 4, 2009.

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    I'm new to this forum,but need help. I have an ODD teen and can't find any help. My family is falling apart and I can't seem to stop this avalance. Any advice?
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    Hi there and welcome! Sorry you have to be here.

    We need to know more to help out. ODD is sort of an unhelpful diagnosis. Most of us here don't believe it stands by itself. There is usually a bigger disorder causing the unruly behavior. I have a few questions that can flesh out your story and help us give you better advice as there is no parenting magic, especially with a teen.

    1/I always ask, when a teen is involved, if drugs/alchohol are going on or could be going on. Did her behavior/friends change overnight? Did her normal teen attitude turn into violence and dangerous behavior in a short period of time? Her grades? Does she disappear at night, run away, get in trouble with the law? Is she just disrespectful? How were her early years?

    2/Are there any psychiatric problems or substance abuse issues on either side of her biological family tree? Even if Dad is gone, his genes influence her. Who is raising her? Is this Dad and Mom? You? Dad? Stepfamily? Are there siblings?

    3/Did she reach her milestones on time as a baby? Cuddle? Make good eye contact? Has she always been aware of how to interact appropriately with her same age peers?

    4/Has she ever had a neuropsychologist evaluation? WHO diagnosed her and at what age? Any medications?

    The more you tell us, the better we can chip in. She's getting close to eighteen. If she has a drug problem, you may want to post on "Teens and Substance Abuse." But you'll get advice here too. It's just that many here have younger children who aren't in the drug risk age yet.

    Has she ever been physically or sexually abused?

    Welcome again.
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    Welcome to the softest place on the web to fall. Like MWM said we'll need more information to be able to offer suggestions, but I wanted to take the time to welcome you. Have patience it's quiet around here on the weekends.
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    While I don't have much info to go on, how about some reading material? Love and logic for teens, the explosive child, How to listen so teens will talk and talk so teens will listen" (or something along those lines. I always get that title mixed up.

    Just for privacy reasons, If your screen name is the same as your real world name you may want to change it. You never know who will see it and if it could affect your child.
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    Wanted to add my welcome...