New psychiatrist Apt.


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Well husband and easy child were feeling better this morning!!! But difficult child was running a high fever and her little cheeks were completely flushed.
She was anxious and worried the whole way there. Freaking out in the waiting room, wimpering, hiding. Finally went in to see psychiatrist and difficult child was all over the place very agitated fighting with easy child, started wimpering again and hiding on the couch we were sitting on and she passed out behind husband!!! Which was actually great!
So psychiatrist didn't introduce herself nor did she read our info before hand... she didn't have much personality...but she did listen and she did not rush us.
She was concerned about difficult child's tummy ache and how bad it was and had been... she wants us to give the Trileptal 4-5 more days and see if anything improves, especially the tummy ache. She wants to Difficult Child the Risperdal at the 4-5 day point also, and try Abilify. After we are up to level on the Abilify we will think about adding Lamictal.
She was also in agreement on the fact that our mental health care in this area is horrid... and that she felt if you wanted to give your child a chance at a decent life, move... our therapist told me this last week as well... I was also told by the mental health dept. that they don't think they had ever been to the school that difficult child is going to next year??? But they a lot of work at one of the other's (really bad) and suggested we try to get into that one, for the availability of services...

Anyway so I will give the Trileptal another 4 or 5 days and see if we have any improvement... and go from there... at least we have a psychiatrist. She was actually better than most of the people around here.
husband is so frustrated, he just wants to get difficult child some decent services, and it has been impossible... he is ready to move to a bigger town near a teaching hospital and better community... research it first.

Oh who knows...
Thanks for listening...

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I'm glad the psychiatrist did not rush you. It's a shame that you might have to move to get access to better care. I hope the increase in abilify helps. Hugs.


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You would not be the first family to move to help a difficult child. I did it myself. It has been a great decision!


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We moved, too, and it made a huge difference.

Good luck with the Risperdal/Abilify switch. Risperdal did awful things to Dylan, but Abilify was our saviour in the end (with the Lithium, of course).

Hope it goes well. Sending hugs. Tough decision.



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Great news! I hope the new medications help! Moving closer to services would be could make a big difference!


T, I'm glad you made it to the psychiatrist appointment. Even though she didn't have much personality, she sounds as if she knows what she's talking about and she has a plan. Let's hope the medications make a difference for your difficult child.

Hope you all are feeling better soon.

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Sounds like this psychiatrist understands your concerns & the service issues in your area.

husband & I would like to move closer to our parents but won't because of the needs of the tweedles.

I hope you find answers soon for difficult children tummy problems & can work out the medication issues.

Stay strong - take care of yourself.