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    ;)Hello all! My name is Tammy and I have a son with ADHD and ODD! I have been struggling with my son for years and trying to get him help and I have learned that there is not much. We have been to severaly doctors and he is on Metadate everyday. The ODD is a huge problem! He disagrees and goes against everything we tell him. He is abusive to his sister and me. I have tried almost everything to no avail! I bought the Total Transformation program and it has given me alot of tools to deal with him. I got on here for support and information from others who deal with the same problems. I read about Omega 3's and vitamin E and have started him on these supplements. Hopefully it will work!:D I just was wondering how long does it take before I will see results? Thanks in advance for all your help! Tammy;)
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    Hi, Welcome.

    I don't know anything about Metadate so someone else will have to help you there.

    Vit E, omega 3, and other supplements aren't magic cures ... they're long-term "boosters" that will help your difficult child's system regain balance. I'm thinking a few wks b4 you notice anything. Have you tried taking wheat gluten and/or milk products out of his diet?

    I'm glad the Total Transformation has helped you. There are several other books out there that have helped us all, too, such as Ross Greene's The Explosive Child, and Doug Riley's The Defiant Child.

    What was your son like as a baby?
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    First off - welcome. Sorry that you've been going through what you've described, but you've definitely landed in a soft place.

    My difficult child's first medication trial was with Metadate CD. It worked ok for him - saw almost immediate changes in his attention and impulse control, but had to keep upping the dose and he was still struggling to hang in there during school hours. Vvyanse has been much better for him - first day on it difficult child told me "its like a snow plow cleared the confusion from my brain." But every kid has a different system and what works for one won't work for another.

    My question first off is how long has he been on the Metadate? If longer than a month or two and no change, it's time to try something else! The research data that I read on Omega 3s indicated that a dosage of 10g was needed before change was seen. That's the equivalent of like 3 tablespoons of fish oil!!! I found a supplement by the name of Bayleen's which emulsifies (sp?) the oil with lemon smoothie and you can't taste the oil - but it gets expensive fast. A single over the counter chewable pill won't get you close to the 10g that is recommended.

    I haven't tried vitE but swear by vit D supplements - I myself take a 4000 IU dosage and has made a huge difference in my health and mood. But I live the pacNW and so am sun deprived most of the time!
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    Good Morning and welcome to the board!

    My son's first medication was Metadate as well. It was amazing how his attention and implusivity were positively affected - however, the rebound at night was a nightmare and I took him off it in a week!

    More than anythng else you can gleen from this board, the fact that all our chidren react differently to behavior plans (like Total Transformation), medications, types of therapies, ect., is the biggest lesson. No two difficult children are the same.

    With any supplement, it's a cummulative thing - takes a while for things to build up in the system.

    You are definately on the right track - there is not one simple solution to our complicated kids. It often takes a combo of medications, therapy, and behavior modification for those who have even the fewest symptoms! Hard work........

    Again, welcome to the board.

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    Hi and welcome!

    I'm so glad someone mentioned the Vitamin D3. We recently put our daughter on this vitamin and sometimes she forgets to take it. It's only a subtle difference, but it is there. She is happier when she takes it. It is THAT fast. I'm not sure what the dosage would be for a might ask at the health food store. Some people just take half of what an adult might take. I do think it is a very worthwhile vitamin.

    Years ago, she did take Fish Oil...but I don't believe we got much result from it. However, she only took it for a few weeks consistently, then she took it for about a month inconsistently. She said it caused her to burp and refused to cope with it any longer.

    I myself take Carlson Fish Oil, my husband takes Walgreens Brand that he feels has a good ratio and neither one of us have had problems. We take it at night.

    The Bipolar Child book by Dr. Papolos strongly encourages the use of Fish Oil. I understand it is beneficial for ADHD as well. Over the years, I've heard many say that it does seem to help with- both disorders (as well as other health needs). Lots of folks have their favorite popular one is called Omega3.

    How old is your son? Sooooo glad that the Total Transformation program is helping! We did this program called 123 Magic (there is a book and a tape) witn our young difficult child and it was very helpful. Someone mentioned some good books that might supplement what you are already doing. If you are interested, perhaps you can post more information about the typical teen program.

    We have found that our daughter's medications often help her relatively quickly. However, she has never taken the medication you have I can not address this specifically.

    I would think if you don't see improvements in three weeks, it would be time to call the Dr. Of course, if your child worsens, then I would call right away.

    You might want to consider the different modes of therapy out there...depending on the age of your child and your family dynamics, etc.

    Our child went to individual therapy and especially during her pre teen and teen years, this was very helpful. There were periods, that I think Family Therapy may have been good too.

    Family Therapy might be helpful in getting this "abusiveness" you mentioned under better control. Additionally, it is something that has to be addressed with his physician and needs to be taken seriously.

    PLEASE be sure to protect his sister at all costs...protect her physically and emotionally. Be very cautious.

    Please take a little time for yourself when and where you are able...this stuff can be I'm sure you've already discovered.
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    As a baby, he couldn't be still, even when he was tiny, he had these little jerks that were like electrical impulses? I don't really know how to explainit. He didn't sleep much. When he to be an older baby, he would hit and pull our hair really hard. He seemed to get a kick out of it. I know that babies pull hair and things like that but he seemed to want to hurt or aggravate us. It was strange.