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    i am so grateful to have found you all!! my 10 yr with aspergers is on a new treatment some of you may have heard of ,Neuro -sensory, its hard for me to explain, but the dr my son is seeing basically works on his immune system , and he believes the fact that my son has immune problems, this is explained in detail on , along with lots of great info , i cant seem to find dr web addressbut his name is Dr. Kendal Stewart #512-338-9857, he could possibly find someone in your area , of course i travel about 400 miles to see him but this is texas lol , He has my son 1st on valtrex - anti-viral, when my son was a baby he got sick a lot well we all have virus' in small doses in our body , the dr calls them opportunists and when your immune system is suppressed (sp) they pounce on you , so thats what the valtrex is for, he takes a list from dr of vitamins and minerals , and he is on a metals detox,, he has been on the metals detox for a shorter time , but he has done the valtrex with vit.&min. for almost one year , he has improved by 60-70% , ive never had much high expectations but i am so thrilled with what i have recieved , he is now in the 5th grade and doing pretty well, considering he had teachers "concerned" in headstart then was told by kindergarden teach that he was too much , i homeschooled, 1st grade was a disaster yet somehow he was the best reader, then 2nd grade the teach says oh hes no problem now heres all of the days class work and he would go home and we spent 3to4 hrs on his work i dont know how i made it through that year, 3rd grade got worse at this time we had put him on a few diff. rx adderal had least side effects but all left me with a monster at the days end. anyway i hope someone will find this useful , it has been my answered prayers , now its not perfect but what kid is? but things are much better from daily melt downs to three or four ayear my son is happier and everyone notices and a million others i could go on but im not god bless and email me if anyone wants more info shannon
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    Thank you for the encouring words!

    our difficult child has been on a regimine of vts, min, enzymes etc for over 2 years. We made progress here and there but ended up ultimately backsliding. Since finding our new dr we have started a similar regimine of the anti virals (2WKS) and detox (2 mo)in addition to stronger and more targeted vits, minerals and enzymes. Our dr is part of the DAN network (defeat autism now). I wish I would have found her 2+ years ago!

    Did you difficult child experience any die off from the anti virals? I'm preparing for possible heightened behavioral and physical problems. :eek:

    Is there anything specific you would recomend to us newbees to this extensive therapy?

    I know this would fall under the insurance board but how has your insurance been with all these alternative therapies?

    So many questions so eairly in the AM. Again, thanks for sharing your encouriging journey!
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    At the time we started this new treatment my son was so out of control, crying everyday, accomplishing nothing at school nor at home , so when he started the valtrex and vit. &min.,they said things may get worse( i said yea right), but they got better in about 3 weeks ,things happened that my son had never done before, happiness, love and affection were coming out of this child and i was thrilled,(this was all new ), so when he did slide back or to us display his normal behaviors it was really no big deal,also on the metals detox we were warned of bad behaviors and side effects but i really dont recall anything significant, he just got better!! Insurance covered part of the tests and well we are fortunate , Dr.Stewart will work with you on those charges that are not covered , my hd went to see him with no insurance and he gave us 50% off and let me pay out the rest!! God Bless him. He has been an answer to my prayers .My advice is i have not found any effects of this treatment to be negative , nor harmful, where as the adderral, and others like it caused chronic nosebleeds, excessive anger, and worsened my sons tics into full tourettes syndrome, so any improvement is a welcomed blessing. And a happy child makes for happy parents good luck to you
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    The wonderful thing about receiving alternative medical treatments from a reputable practitioner is that you don't have to worry about the long-term side effects that are present with drugs.