New upcoming names for baby boys and girls? Other new Names?

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    Because I expect to be a grandma again in the next two years or so, I took a peak at a list of popular names for 2018. Now since 2018 is pretty new, this short list of up and coming names could change. I will post them and have you noticed any cute baby names? Because I work at a restaurant, I talk to many mom's with adorable babies and often ask names. Very common for my customers in my neck of the woods seem to be Flower names....Lily, Rose, Daisy...I think flower names are lovely. I hear a lot of boy names like Colby and Mason and Winston

    This is the list I am copying of up and comers but I haven't really heard of any babies with these names. Here they go..
    .boy names: Emersyn, Aloy, Sage, Nier and Leo. For girls: Leia, Saige, Malia, Nova/Luna, and Harley.

    What do you think? What have you heard? Apparently Star Wars and certain videogames are in effect here
    I rember when soap operas influenced my generation to the tune of tons of Lukes and Laura's.

    Did you name any of your kids after somebody you liked? I did name one after a soap character, but only because my first husband and I were at war over the name and this was a compromise.
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  2. Lil

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    A friend's daughter recently named her new baby girl Araya. Whether that was from Game of Thrones, I haven't asked...that character is actually Arya. But it's close.

    Really, in my job I see so many names we only take note of the really BAD ones. Believe you me...there are a LOT of those.
  3. SomewhereOutThere

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    Oh I can imagine! But I decided to focus on baby names because most I never heard of. I do love the flower names or stones, like Jade, and those who are going back to strong, old school names....I even met two little girls recently named Bess! That was my dear grandma's name, but was considered so outdated. As was Sadie and now it is everywhere. Will Gertrude who knows maybe Trudy and Mary.

    For several years, Jumper was adamant her first girl would be nsmed Nevaeh (Heaven backwards), but she was too young then to make that decision and is now "sick of the name." That has become a popular name but she liked it way before it was popular.

    I like Spiritual names like Heaven and Angel. For boys? I think it's harder.

    If I was young and pregnant and the person I am today, I would name a baby girl Serenity. Nothing else would come close. Other second place names I do like a lot though are Harmonie, Starr, and Windy. If I had a boy? Harder. Maybe Justus, Arden, Jefferson, Levi or Scout.

    My kids and grandkids by the way, have very normal names :) Sonic has what I consider a nice name but he had that name when we got him. He has my favorite name of all my kids.

    What would you name a baby if you were a young mother? This is just a fun thread for anyone who wants to jump on. Hope this maybe generates interest and levity. Shall see.
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  4. AppleCori

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    I haven’t thought about baby names in years.

    For the longest time I wanted to have just one more, but my (now) hubby had already made that impossible before we met, and my guy before him didn’t want any more kids.

    I wanted to name a girl Bryn Avery.

    I met a young woman a couple of years ago who was pregnant. She said she was going to name her daughter Brindle/Brindyl/Bryndle (not sure of the spelling) and call her Bryn for short.

    I debated whether to ask if she had heard of the word “brindle” but decided not to. I wonder if I should have....
  5. SomewhereOutThere

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    Bryn is pretty. Not sure about Brindle.
  6. AppleCori

    AppleCori Well-Known Member

    I didn’t think it was my place to say anything, as I only talked to her that one time at an event.

    I hope she didn’t go with Brindle....
  7. ksm

    ksm Well-Known Member

    Summer Dawn

    Willow Brooke

    Jasmine Breeze

    Those were the names I picked out in 1974... LOL

    We have a Lily, Daisy, Sadie and Lucy Rose at church. Also a Christian, Ryker, Jasper and Kip in the young boys group.

  8. ksm

    ksm Well-Known Member

    Can you tell I was a big Seals & Croft fan??
  9. ahhjeez

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    I've always liked the name Anneliese. That would have been my son's name had he been a girl. I love the name Skyler too. Oh and Alexandra. If I was to have another boy I would name him either Ryan or Christopher John. My son is named after my husband. A very traditional name that I really like.
  10. svengandhi

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    I had such a hard time picking names for some of my kids.

    The one kind of name I really hate is the old people names, like Harry, Max, Jacob and Sam (all belonged to older male relatives of mine and I used updated names for my kids) or for girls, names like Molly and Charlotte, which I know is really trendy but which was my mother's name.

    From the lists here, I like the names Ryan and Avery. I would use them for either gender.
  11. KTMom91

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    I always liked the name Katie. Not named after anyone, I just liked it. Had Miss KT been a boy, it would have been Alan.

    Hopefully the "ayden" trend is dying out. Like Jayden, Kayden, Brayden, Tayden...too many kids with the same sounding names. It seems like the old fashioned names are coming back; Emma, Charlotte, Elizabeth, William, Ethan, thing I don't like is a name that's spelled so creatively that I can't figure it out. The day I saw Cxm was the day I stopped calling roll and started asking, "Who are we missing today?"

    Names that reflect the child's culture are pretty cool. I like seeing history carried on.
  12. SomewhereOutThere

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    Hehe. Harry/Henry is a popular name now. Prince Harry maybe? Max has been very popular for years and years. Jacob was the most popular name for boys last year I believe. Honestly I know so many Jake's in Jumpers age range I'm sick of the name. Her ex was Jacob and now her fiance's brother is Jake, just to name two. So they aren't old people names anymore. Nor is Sam, either for boys or girls. Seymour and those are old people names that may NEVER come back!!

    I liked Emma and Emily when they first became trendy again but when I worked at Head Start there were so many I got tired of the name. Ditto for Jaden, a name I once loved and both Taylor and Tyler. Too many.

    Both of my girls like Jaxon/Jackson for a boy. I have a family member with that name and I liked it a lot once, but it too is just too popular now for me. But if I have a grandson with that name, I could get to like it again.

    I hate my own name with the heat of a thousand son's :) Anyone else hate their name? Like it?
  13. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    I went to high school with at least six girls with a variation of Susan. Often we were in the same class, which drove teachers NUTS. It did help that there were different spellings, Suzie, Suzanne, etc...

    My daughter was named after a relative I never got to meet. I wanted to have a daughter with that name from the time I was very young, maybe 5 or 6, but always thought my cousins on that side would use the name first. I don't like cousins with the same name, so I would not have used it if they did, at least not as a first name. I got lucky though, and none of them used it.

    My boys names were just names that hubby and I both liked and could agree on. Early in the naming process I did have to put my foot down and take the final veto power for myself. Only because my darling husband kept coming up with truly strange names. He wanted my oldest to have the initials BVD. I can only imagine what junior high and high school would be like with those initials. At one point they thought we might be having twins. He came up with names like Random and Constant, or Tangent and Vector. No. Not just no but He(( NO!! I think I told him he could name anything he gave birth to.

    I did like the name Sera Daphnia, but it is the name of a water flea that hubby worked with in a lab. I just couldn't name a child after a water flea. "Yes, child, I named you after a water flea. Don't be offended. I do love you, but I named you after a bug." I just couldn't imagine saying that to a child of mine!!

    My brother always swore his children would be named Cimarron and Hearth. When asked what he would do if the mother didn't like those names, he said her opinion didn't really matter, they would be HIS children. Niece is not named either of those things. Not even for her middle name.

    Names are so interesting. Will your children consider your input? Or is this just grandmotherly speculation?
  14. SomewhereOutThere

    SomewhereOutThere Well-Known Member

    Good question.

    Although Jumper, and Princess too, like my approval, and it is rare I don't either wholeheartedly praise them or at least act pleased, my kids have all been brought up to make their own decisions. Their schooling their spouses, where they live, even their decisions I don't really like is in my opinion none of my business. So, no, I will neither make suggestions on names or bash a name I don't like. I did not ask anyone but the father's about my own kid's name choices. Heck my mother was probably personality disordered and hated me. I never asked her anything. Just did it my way. And I feel I lived my life, my kids have every right to live theirs without having a busybody mom :hammer:

    I wasn't crazy about the names Princess and SO picked out but I love love love my granddaughter!!!! Her name is.....moot. I am sure Hunter and Jumper will pick their own names and I will support any name. I'm sure we will toss around names we like,but playfully.

    I am not even speculating. Jumper isn't pregnant and I am mostly talking about what I may name a child if I had one at this time.

    It better not happen!!!! ;)
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  15. pasajes4

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    My grandson is 15 and has had his future children's names picked out since he was a very young child. A girl will be named Taylor Bay. A boy will be named Elijah James. He is adamant that they will be called by both names at all times. I asked him what would happen if his wife did not like those names. His reply was that " Well, I guess she won't be wife."
  16. SomewhereOutThere

    SomewhereOutThere Well-Known Member

    While nice names both peers tend to shorten names and come up with nicknames. And of course kids themselves influence what others call them.

    Grandson may have trouble finding a wife lol.
  17. ksm

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    DS and not so dear XDiL picked out pretty names for my youngest DGD. But, when you put it with DS last would be ASS. What a monogram! So middle name got changed. And it was ACS.

  18. SomewhereOutThere

    SomewhereOutThere Well-Known Member

    Lol! The last name is important.

    Jumper is my first child who will be changing her last name but most names should fit.
  19. KTMom91

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    I was in a class in high school that got a very sweet, very young student teacher. She started calling roll, first names only, and when she got to Mary, six of us asked, "Which one?" "Oh, I'm sorry! I mean Mary L." Three of us asked, "Which one?"

    When Miss KT was born, most of my friends were naming their children more inventive names, so I figured, that staying basic was good. Then we moved back to our hometown. You couldn't shake a stick without hitting a Katie.
  20. svengandhi

    svengandhi Well-Known Member

    There are many Jakes, Harrys (and I anticipate more with what is going on across the pond) and Maxes, but to me they are old men names. My grandfathers, my dad, my uncles, all have names like that. Only one of my sons has an Old Testament name and that is after my only uncle who had a name I like.

    I absolutely love my first name but despise my middle name. My kids don't even know what it is. My sister was the opposite - hated her first name and switched to her middle name in middle school. Fortunately, all of my kids like their names. Difficult Child did drop his middle name and only uses his initial but the rest are cool with first, middle and Hebrew names. All of my kids have names which are common enough that nobody would say that the heck kind of name is that, but no so common that they are over used, and I admit to being sort of surprised when I saw one son's name on a recent list of trendy boy names. All of their names are spelled traditionally, except for one which is spelled in the European variant as it's a family name on H's side. The spelling of my first name is an alternate one but I have come to prefer it.

    I don't know if my D will change her name if she marries. I don't really like how her current boyfriend's last name sounds with her first name. I use my maiden name for work but H's name for my personal life.

    I also really hate inventive spellings and ridiculous names like the ones celebrities give their kids - Inspector Pilot, North, Saint and now Chicago West, Ziggy, Iggy, WHY? I remember Grace Slick named her daughter Oil at first but then changed it to Jade.