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Hello again.
I was here before and not to sound rude I was really hoping that I was one of the one's that found the right medication and all was right in my daughter's world! WRONG!!
Nov 05 - Diagnosed with Bi-Polar, Was Almost hospitalized, stabalized on Zyprexa
Nov 06 - Doesn't want Zyprexa dose increased due to 70 lb weight gain and it is no longer effective at the current dose. Switched medicine to:
Lamictal - Current
Has been, manic, suicidal, self mutilated and EXTREMELY agressive at home.
Refuses to see a psychiatrist keeps telling me that the Family doctor can figure it out. Family doctor says nope, can't do anymore she has to go to a specialist.
Still refuses. Things escalate at home.
Feb. 19 - Made the horrible decision to have a mental health warrant issued and have her picked up and admitted. They did it. Hardest thing EVER.
Feb. 21 - Meeting with her team. All problems are bahavioral and not something they can help with. Need family therapy and if that doesn't work our only other option is Residential Treatment Center (RTC).
Anyone Been there Done that?
What next. She doesn't see that she has a problem. She told my sister that everything was wonderful at home until we told her NO and that is when the problem starts. We shouldn't tell her no. We should let her do what she wants!!!
ARGH!!! I love her but am very tired of the CONSTANT arguing and fear that she will hurt my youngest daughter.


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Ugh! All teens these days are so entitled! Throw in some difficult child - and look out!
Tell your difficult child she will be able to do what she wants when she wants WHEN SHE GETS HER OWN PLACE! It is so frustrating, isn't it??!!

If she is not a mental health issue - why would they recommend a Residential TREATMENT Center? What would she be treated for?

Sounds like you got the wrong team to me. Where was this team from? Local hospital? Mental Health Center? No actual names please, just more info.


Welcome back.

If your difficult child has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, what's going on with her is not behavioral, but a mental illness that needs treatment with both medications and therapeutic interventions. Family counseling won't hurt, but it's not the magic bullet, so to speak.

Is the Lamictal helping at all? What dose is she on? Is a psychiatrist involved in her care at the psychiatric hospital?


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They didn't argue with her Bi-Polar diagnosis. They just said that the problems WE were having with her was Behavioral. She is on 50 mg of Lamictal. Doesn't seem to be doing much. She just started the new dose though. So I guess we will have to wait and see.
I am hoping that the family therapist or the new psychiatrist will realize what we are talking about and be able to point us in a direction to get the help that we need for her.
I am so sick of my easy child hiding in her room (to stay out of it) and me crying. YOu would think I would be dehydrated by now!!! ARGH!! Is there any "treatment" plan for ODD?


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Welcome back. I'm sorry you had to find your way back and that your difficult child is struggling so. I agree with what Busywend said how all teens have that sense of entitlement (just had that talk with easy child's t-doctor tonight) and add in a difficult child to the mix-yuck! Hugs. :angel:

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Welcome back.

Sounds like difficult child is putting you thru the ringer. I have to agree. If diagnosis is bipolar, her problems aren't behavior.

Who gave you the diagnosis bipolar? Was it fam doctor or a psychiatrist? And fam doctor is right. It's best to have bipolar managed by those who specialize in that type of treatment.



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It was a psychiatrist that diagnosed her in MI, we are now in TX and she was not willing to go when we first got here. I told her we would try it this other way (family dr.) but, if it didn't work we would have to go to a psychiatrist! And she refused!
Just tired.


A dose of 50 mg Lamictal is likely not therapeutic and very well may not be touching the "behavior" the hospital team is seeing (which I still believe is due to a mental illness). Most adolescents need a dose of 200 mg or more for it to be effective. And it typically takes 6 to 8 weeks at a therapeutic level to judge Lamictal's effectiveness. Frankly, I don't think you're there yet.