Newly diagnosed and don't know where to start.

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    Hi.. I am new to this board.. My son was just diagnosed yesterday with ODD. He is 9 ears old but we have been having problems with him since he was 3. At that time due to global delays they diagnosed him with Autsm.. To make a long story short, we figured as he got older that he was not autistic and but his outbursts and behavoir was not normal at all. Right we have little support, I have not told my mother at all because she blames all of what he does on my parenting. She says that his major problem is hestays up to late.. My mother in law is amazing on the other hand and gives us a hand with him when ever she can.

    Right now Garrett is not on medication. We see the dr again in 10 days to discuss mediacation and support. He use to be on Topamax for his seizures and he would like to put him back on it again. We just really wanted to see how things go without it first.
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    Welcome to our corner of the world. You have truly found a soft place to land. My difficult child is also 9 and a handful. Here you will find support and understanding. It's great your mother in law is so helpful! Again, welcome!
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    Sorry you had to find us but welcome to the board! You will find this truly is a "soft place to land".

    As for the ODD, that isn't usually a stand alone diagnosis...meaning it normally is associated with something else. I don't know anything about the system in Canada but there others here from the North that can help you figure out where to go from here.

    Welcome again and remember, you are not alone! {{Hugs}}
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    I was told that also. He also has ADHD, Seizure Disorder and Sensory issues. The dr said he is just dealing with one issue at a time. There is a strong family history of mental illness on my husband's side of the family. (father's side)...
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    Just want to say welcome. There are parents here with so much wisdom and knowledge. It has helped me in so many ways, especially to know I am not alone!
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    Welcome, what kind of docs does he see.
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    Welcome, this is a wonderful place to talk, vent, question, and just cry from time to time. I have learned so much from here and learned the kind of questions I need to ask myself and others.

    We have alot in commen, my husband is a recovering alcoholic as well, newly sober...and I have a son who is living with- his dad due to the issues at home.

    I'm sorry you have to come here for support, but it does help alot!
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    What kind of seizures and where in the brain are they located? Temporal lobe epilepsy in particular can cause partial seizures which some call "emotional seizures" -- sudden irrational, unprovoked flair-ups/explosions of emotion. Naturally the ones most noted are the anger explosions though there can be others. I first noticed my son's when he was about 18 months old but it took me a few months to realize that the look in his eyes -- it wasn't the real person -- were some kind of seizure activity. Unfortunately the doctors all blew me off.

    Topamax is a good choice for both seizures and mood disorders but it has that big potiential for severe cognitive dulling. Other good choices would be Trileptal and Lamictal. Stay away from antipsychotics and stims -- they can make seizure disorders worse by lowering the seizure threshold.
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    Had he ever been seen by a neuropsychologist to rule out stuff like high functioning autism? I also am not familiar with Canada's healthcare system or what things they will and won't diagnose.
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    Garrett's seizures stem from his tmperal lobe. I can tell when he is having a seizure and when it's something else. Whn he is having a seizure he starts staring off and if his bahavour changs his eyes are totally glassed over.

    So far we have seen a neurologist (since he was 2)
    family dr

    Autism has ben totally ruled out. He does have sensory intragtion disfunction. That is getting better as he gets older. His temper and outbursts are increasing. His new thing right now is kind of silly.. He keeps throwing out his socks and underpants. He told my husband that I wouldn't wash them and that he had the same pair on for 2 weeks. Thank goodness hubby got smart to that game very fast. He also carved swear words in my buffet. He causes fights with his older sister. We just had to take all her pageant crowns and awards out of her room because he decided that he wanted to break them. He is very good at school until I pick him up, then he has a mini explosion in the car. We are learning to ignore what he says and just calm him down. I also have him in a youth bowling team that he just loves. This summer he is playing baseball and tennis. He loves both sports. I also put him in Cub Scouts to keep him to learn more skills and work with others. He loves it. Our only problem with that is th camps. He does amazingly well while there and we know he is having a good time but once he gets home he is out of controle and says he had a horrible time. Says that the kids picked on him and that he didn't get to do anything. We are slowly learning to ignore it...

    I think that we are going to let the dr put him back on Topamax and see how it goes. He is not really having seizures anymore.

    I am just so thank ful that I have my husband here as backup as well.. He normally works long hours and can be away a few days at a time but since Garrett started acting out more he has been home weekends so I can do things with our daughter and I can get a break
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    Does he have convulsions, partial seizures, or both? I had both, my son only has partial seizures. And was he less ODD while taking the Topamax?
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    He has partial complex Epilepsy. I haven't seen a seizure in close to 6 months. He use to have convultions when he was younger.
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    Those outbursts, as you call them, could be emotional seizures. Seizures can manifest in many different ways. My son has sensory hallucinations; he smells, tastes and even hears things that aren't really there. Those hallucinations are a form of temporal lobe partial seizure activity. It's amazing what can happen during a partial seizure. Pretty much anything the brain can cause the body to do can occur if there is localized seizure activity in the area of the brain that controls that action. That includes feeling emotions for which there is no stimulus.
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    Hello fellow Canadian,
    I live in Toronto so could share a lot of resources I have found here if you are close by...

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    He does have some strange seizures but I can tell the difference with them. When he is having a seizure he is non responsive. When he is in a rage I can talk to him and he will answer. Also before a seizure he slurs his speach. He has had them since he was 2 weeks old. We are so use the them now that it doesn't fase me at all. He was having 30 or more a day up until a few years ago.

    I live about 2 hours form Toronto. We are ther aften because my daughter is with an agent there and we travel there at least once a week for auditions.

    We live in Welland (Niagara Regon)
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    When my son has an emotional seizure, he is responsive but his responses often aren't rational. His perception of reality is way off; for instance -- he accuses me of shouting when I talked only in hushed tones. Afterwards he is generally surprised that more than 5 or 10 minutes have passed and has limited -- and skewed -- memory of what happened. Those seizure last 45 minutes from start to finish at the point he wants to sleep. They have a regular pattern and have since he was two. That 45 minutes includes the part where he regains his grasp of reality and has passed through the confused period as he "comes to". His auras include stomach distress and hot flashes. Sometimes gets dark circles under his eyes during the seizure itself.
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    Nobody has suggested "The Explosive Child" by Ross Greene to you yet, so I'll put my oar in. it won't fix him, it only makes it easier for you to cope with him and to hep him cope with himself. The underlying problems will still be an issue, but the oppositional stuff CAN be at least reduced. It's definitely worth a read. There is also some discussion surrounding application of the techniques in this book - see the Early Childhood forum. Also, Google the book, have a browse.

    And always keep an open mind re diagnosis - our kids are complex and adaptable. As they adapt, trying to juggle coping with the world with their disability (whatever it is) a lot of symptoms end up being masked. Some people can think think there are no problems, but it's like a swan on the lake - it looks serene but if you look below the surface you will see a lot of furious activity is needed, just to seem normal and peaceful.

    Welcome to the site. Help is at hand!