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Hi everybody...I need to vent! My difficult child got kicked out of daycare and I am pretty much hopeless. She goes to regular mainstream daycare in the morning and then to an intergrated classroom in the afternoon. Unfortunately when we went for the meeting before the school board they denied her services for the summer but they will continue in the fall. She does extremely well at the intergrated school and they understand her. It makes me feel at ease knowing she is getting the help she needs with people who are experienced and caring to work through her issues. Her "regular daycare" told me that they could no longer keep her there and that I should get her "regulated" (medicine) and then she can come back. I felt like crying! I felt like a failure as a parent! I am at the point now that if I have to quit my job and stay home with her and work overnights to accomodate her schedule, I would do it. I don't want to put her in another daycare because they put our difficult child's into a box profile of how they should act and lets face it, no two kids act the same regardless of their diagnosis.

I love my job but my daugher comes first. I just don't understand why they don't have alot of daycares for children with ADD/ADHD or other diagnosis's. This would make my life so much easier if I could go to work knowing that she was at peace and not having to compete with children who have not so many challenges. I petitioned for another school board meeting because I think it is unfair that she got her services denied because she has not "regressed" in the intergrated school. Obviously this is working for her so why don't they continue the services? I met with her sp ed teacher, director, and Occupational Therapist (OT) to go over some other options to place my difficult child in. They suggested a family daycare because it has alot less pressure for out difficult child's. I went to visit a family daycare with my difficult child and I thought it went well. I told her all about my daughters quirks. Well, the next day she called me and said she felt she could not take her. I don't understand. I guess my only option is to stay home with her unless I can figure out family to watch her. Thanks for letting me vent....


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Hi. Boy, I feel for you. I get so irritated when supports help, yet we are threatened with losing them. I've been in your shoes. What I finally had to do was call the Dept. of Public Instruction for our state, which is usually in the state capital, and ask for the Special Needs Advocate. She really lit a fire under the school district's :censored2: and my son continued his services. He didn't have any firm diagnosis. at your child's age--just ADHD/ODD (possible), speech delays, cognitive delay not otherwise specified (the garden variety stuff). We found it hard to get services until we had a more solid diagnosis, and that didn't happen until he was 11, so we fought for him all the way and, yes, it got tiring. I believe that in the summers, my son went to summer school for half the day. We fought not to have his services lapse for two and a half months because he was gaining ground. During the school year, he went to Head Start 1/2 day and Early Education half the day. However, if I'd worked during the day I would have had the same problem as you. My son was a very bizarre child and would never have made it in a mainstream preschool. Not to mention he would rage something awful. I wish I had better advice about the daycare situation. I don't, but I urge you to fight the good fight about your child's early education services. Often we have to go above the school district's head when they try to cut services. Good luck.