Not ageing gracefully... 44 and falling apart....


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so the bacterial pneumonia on my 44th b-day was not enough

I now have hypothyroidism---100mcg. of luvythyroxine per day

and on June 7th I have to have knee surgery---for a torn meniscus that I have no idea how it got torn---

after reading up on the surgery I found a site that said sometimes with aging you can tear it by just standing up!!! That's delightful


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Join the club Katmom.

Every joint in my body is slowly (or not so slowly as the case may be) deteriorating. It seems every time I turn around I find another one is turning into mush. Ended up in the ER yesterday with facial pain so bad I thought I either had an abscessed tooth or a bad sinus infection...nope....I have TMJ. Another joint down the drain.

Hope the surgery isnt too bad. I had my knees done in 04 and 05. Wasnt that horrible to live through.


Age 40 and everything fell apart after that! It is amazing. A co-worker told me that is why I am thin...I have no parts left!!
(not so thin anyway)


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I have not been ageing gracefully since age 18, when I was diagnosis'ed with Lupus. Then I also tore my meniscus, and I also do not remember how. At that time, they were not yet useing arthroscopy, so I have a grand long thick scar on my right knee. But I think youth was on my side cuz within 3 weeks I was back to waiting tables long hours YAY! :)
Like dammitjanet, my joints are also turning to mush, along with tendons, it stinks. But I am grateful that thats all I have going on at the moment. My best friend in 5th grade died from a blood clot from a broken arm. My best friend in 8th grade died of leukemia, my best friend in HS got hit by a car and died, another friend got brain cancer, and another one - her boyfriend set her on fire accidentally during some freaky sex thing. My first husband died before 30 of diabetes, my next boyfriend died of complications due to diabetes after a car accident that crushed his kidneys. Altho my mom was 15 when I was born, and my dad 16, I was born with no living grandparents. My best friend was 34 when she passed away, but she had been diagnosis'ed with MS 10 years before that and then lost an eye to melanoma and that spread and took her from me. My kids Godfather also developed MS, a rather aggressive form, and he has been quite ill and bedbound for years (partly becuz he is a VERY tall large man- 7 ft tall........and it was hard finding help- caregivers- equipment etc for him)
I had thought I was going along great at 40- in nurseing school full time and also working full time, and taking care of my ill husband and my home and kids------and then WHAM! Rheumatic degenrative joint disease hit me hard and fast- I somehow finished nurseing school, but had to give up working- and then wound up as a near quadriplegic for a couple years.

I think the ageing gracefully part has to do with how we handle what has been set in our path. - How we continue on anyway.

Good luck with your knee surgery, I bet Stella Johnson could share from her recent experience with knee surgery? From patients I have had and friends and family I have with thyroid problems, IIRC the medication should help and it should work out fine?
Hang in there! There is still a lot of life to live!!!!
Consider renting a powerized wheelchair or scooter for your knee recovery - I have a scooter and I did not miss a beat when I was down those couple years.........whoo boy did my kids think it fun that I was able to be right there with them everywhere! LOL! My husband rigged up a thing on it cuz my hands would not work the controls.....and it was GREAT!

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According to a good friend of mine, if you don't acknowledge it, it isn't happening. It's good to live the state of "Denial". :smile: :nonono:

At 50, I've had various & sundry health issues; I figure it's just a part of life. I can kick & scream or just take care of it. It's easier to take care of it. :flower:


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Someone once told me this joke:

If you reach the age of 50, and you wake up in the morning and nothing hurts you -- check if you are still alive!!

Love, Esther


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katmom, I've heard that the 40's are designed to weed out the weaklings. So BE STRONG. The 50's are MUCH better!!!



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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Suz</div><div class="ubbcode-body">katmom, I've heard that the 40's are designed to weed out the weaklings. So BE STRONG. The 50's are MUCH better!!!

Suz </div></div>

Ha!!!! I thought the 40's were it. Now I have something to look forward to!



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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Dammit Janet</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I have TMJ. Another joint down the drain.


I'm surprised it took you so long to develop that one. I started grinding my teeth when difficult child was pretty young. I thought I had a brain tumor :hammer: