Not been around lately


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Not been on line lately due to extreme business at work and within our household.

difficult child 1 has decided to return to school for Building Maintenance. He signed up (we paid for the class so far, will see if he qualifies for any grants.) and class starts the beginning of March. He holds a sign on the weekends for different businesses. Yes...that's my kiddo whose dressed up like Uncle Sam or holding an apartment complex sign on the corner :rofl: Surprisingly he loves it. His philosophy is where can you go and act silly, wave at people, smile, and have people honk or smile back at you. (where is that head scratching icon?) Different strokes for different folks keeps running through my head all the time :smile:

difficult child 2 got into a car accident last friday. He tried to avoid an accident and ended up in a ditch. Trouble was the ditch has a huge piece of concrete in it that tore out the "undercarriage" (too bad I don't look like Jessica Simpson in Dukes of Hazaard saying that word :rofl:) Anyway, doofus difficult child 2 wasn't wearing his seatbelt so of course he hit his head on the windshield. He got a CT and has scratches on his head as well as a bruised ego and headache.

husband and I are buying a 1999 Saturn from (get this) cousin's exgf's exbf's daughter. (husband jogs with cousin's exgf). That means we'll all be switching around vehicles. The car that difficult child 2 wrecked had been mine and then went through both boys. It was a 1992 Nissan stanza with >180K miles on it. It has done it's job so we bid it a fond adieu. Our intention was to "run it to the ground". I was not intending for the ground to come up and meet it however :wildone:

difficult child 1 is not happy that he's not changing vehicles. His exgf has a new boyfriend and that is making him so obnoxious. I'm thinking he's more Borderline (BPD) as his reactions to life's events are so over the top.

Nephew #1 is getting married in Seguin Texas in March so I'm headed to a wedding. Will be spending a few days in San Antonio and also Houston.

Today I have to take 2days comp time for the days I went to Coral Gables for a work conference. It couldn't have come at a worse time as I've got way too much to do.

I'm going to try and see if I can find a dress to wear to the wedding - try some forced relaxation. :blush:


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Yay, Sunny's "home" and catching up. I've missed your sunny smile :grin: .

Sounds like you've been busy. You should write Nissan about the longevity of the car- you never know---you could be the Nissan version of the Subway guy or the Snapple girl! 180K is nothing to sneer at. I'm sorry that difficult child 2 got hurt but am glad he's ok.

Thanks for the update, Sunny.



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You know, Sunny?

I was beginning to wonder where you were.

Nice to "see" you, again! :laugh:

Regarding difficult child's job, Sunny ~ like Pony always says: "All work is honorable."

I am glad he is sticking with it. Next thing you know, he will be wanting something more for himself, too. One time, when I was younger, I worked at JCPenny's? And I got to be Big Bird for a promotion they were running in the children's department. I loved it! All at once, people are looking at you without knowing who is under the costume and you get to feel what it feels like to have people approach you in pure joyous expectation. It was pretty cool. I think it will be a good experience for difficult child.

And chances are pretty good that he won't want to do it for long!

Wishing well with everything else, Sunny.

Poor difficult child #2!



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Hey, I give him credit for standing out there and doing a job like that. I saw a lady standing out as the statue of liberty last week when it was like 20 degrees with a wind chill factor of below 0 and I thought, no way in heck would I be standing out there doing that. She actually had a big smile on her face :smile:

Definatley find a way to relax, you need it!!!!


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I see lots of rolling on the floor laughter in your post...sounds like you still have your sense of humor and well...spirit! :smile:


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Hi Sunny. sorry about the car. Glad difficult child is OK. You sound good too. enjoy the wedding. Hope you find a pretty dress that make you feeeeeeeeeelllllllll Goooooooooooooooooooooood! -RM


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Oh Sunny, glad all is well (save for the BPDness) and thanks for the laughs! "Run it to the ground" :grin:

We use the expession "Run the wheels off it" referring to how long we'll drive our vehicles.......I'm thinking I'll change my wording a bit....... :rofl: