Not Looking Forward To The Holiday Weekend

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. Bunny

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    It's the day before Thanksgiving. The kids are home from school and are actually being quiet (I think they are each in their own room - makes things so much easier). I just can't get into the Thanksgiving and Christmas spirit. All I can think is: difficult child is going to be home for 4 days. UGH!

    I'm feeling so defeated today. Like I am never going to get anywhere with him. Is it always going to feel like this? Am I always going to dread time home with him? I asked the therapist last night about referals for a Residential Treatment Facility (RTF), but he said that I was nowhere near that yet. I just feel like sending him somewhere that can help him better than I can would be in his best interest, but husband does not want that. He wants him here with us.

    I honestly don't know what is for the best anymore. I'm so overwhelmed.

  2. Jena

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    what are you guys doing tmrw? are you headed out at all? Try for now if you can to take a deep breath, try the best you can to enjoy tmrw. i'm telling myself the same as i sit there with-turkey and difficult child has nothing. killing me. i don't know what's best for right now, to be honest. only you know what's best in your heart. yet holiday time is sooo stressful with kids like our's. that's why i think for now try your best to deep breath thru it, try if at all possible to find some good in the time with him (try games or something with-him), and get thru the holidays and sit down after and figure out what should be done. give yourself a break, you deserve it.

    i get what your saying though i'm not looking forward to holidays either.

    (((hugs))) sorry your feeling carpy!!
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    i'm home friday and saturday. if you want to pm me. i can't do parks or anything but i can do a library or something low key not alot of energy with-difficult child. if you want to get together with-them and break it up a bit? just a thought.
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    I can understand. I have felt EXACTLY the same way Bunny. I always think too far ahead and worry myself sick over what will become of difficult child. Try your best to take one day at a time and I hope you can find some enjoyment in the holiday. HUGS DARLING !
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    I completely understand....husband & I had spent many a holiday alone with the tweedles because of behaviors & inability to travel due to their individual issues.

    May I offer that you have a few things on hand for all of you. A new game, book, whatever catches his fancy when he starts to escalate. Do you recognize difficult children early escalation signs (i.e. extreme tiredness, grumpy mood, being antsy, goofiness)? Are you able to redirect?

    Warm showers, hot chocolate, anything sensory helped (many times) before we hit full out explosion. Can you tag off to get time alone, even if it's 15 minutes to stretch out with a cup of coffee? Make sure you're rested, that you have a game plan (take 2 cars to any event so one of you can leave with difficult child if it becomes too stimulating).

    Good luck.
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    Thank you for the words of wisdom. We're going to my mother in law's house, which is around the corner from my house, so it's not a long car trip and difficult child likes going there. I always tell them to bring their DS's and some games so that we can sit and play something when he starts in with "I'M BORED!!!!!"

    I feel better today. Yesterday was one of those days where everthing just Today it's just a dark gray. LOL!!

    I hope you all have good days with your families and difficult children.

  7. Bunny

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    Oh!! And I'm glad to hear that I am not the only one who is not looking forward to the holidays.