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When we got home from vacation at the beginning of April, my computer wouldn't boot up. Nothing wrong with the hard drive, just the power source. husband - my IT guy - tells me that we use a "blah blah blah blah" based program, so we can't just pop my drive into one of the other many computers around the house. We have spent the last month switching hard drives in and out of his machine as needed. I finally got him to build a laptop for me out of one of his old work ones. But ten days into it, I am still waiting for a wireless card so I can use it on my lap for crying out loud! It's really difficult for me to reach up to the desktop to type on it with my MD.

Last Thursday I came home and had a little time to watch the news before I had to go out for the evening with a monthly group I meet with. I turn on the TiVo, and it tells me to insert my access card. Long story short, and an hour and a half later on the phone, plugging and unplugging the receiver in, I am the proud owner of a new access card that is coming overnight FED-EX. For $20. On a TiVo that I have had for 13 months with a two year warranty except on the access card which only has a one year warranty. But since I was nice and didn't scream at them, they are giving me 6 $5 credits on my bill.

Friday, I try to download songs onto my i-pod from the computer, and it tells me that I need to load the I-Tunes programming onto my pod. Huh? I unplug it to try to start fresh, and I get the sad face on the i-pod. For those of you with pods, you know that you don't want the sad face. It means your hard-drive has died and your relationship with your current pod is over forever. I bought the 3 year warranty when I got the first one 2 years and two months ago at Best Buy. The first one died about 8 months ago. I took it back and they talked me into a "rapid exchange". Instead of getting my original one back rebuilt in two weeks, I get someone else's back rebuilt in two days. OK, I'm up for that. But when I get the new one, they tell me that the warranty doesn't work on the new one. I'm not happy. I'm even less happy when the second one dies. But after pricing out new ones, I call Best Buy just to be sure, and they have reconsidered and are honoring my original warranty with my second i-pod. Back to the rapid exchange. And if this third one dies before the end of the warranty, it will be considered a "lemon" and I get a brand new one off the shelf. OK, I guess I'll be happy, but it's not a good time to be without because my computer and my TiVo are out too!

The new access card for the TiVo came today. I inserted it, and the receiver just hummed. The fan was working, but no lights were on. So, an hour later they have given up and are sending me a brand new DVR. Which would be fine except I lose all of the programming on my TiVo. Do you have any idea of how long I have been waiting to watch some of that stuff? And it's sweeps week for crying out loud! Season finales!

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All's I can say is that I hope that the furnace doesn't figure out what is going on in this house! I know for sure that there's no warranty on that!