Not sure what to do anymore - I am at my end.


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I have a difficult child who is almost 11 years old and diagnosis with ODD and ADHD. He takes Concerta 36mg and Ritalin (as a booster) 10mg.

I think that it is the ODD that is kicking me in the backside - but I am not sure. We cannot seem to have a single day go by where there is not an all-out fight, yelling match, or tears coming from difficult children younger siblings.

I cannot get him to concentrate on anything school related, although about 2/3 of the time, he will go to his swim practice in the evening without fight and incidence, although it is hit or miss as to whether he will actually swim as he capable of doing.

My husband has completely given up on difficult child - he does not know what to do and it frustrates the heck out of him so he just makes me deal with it.

difficult child spends so much time "grounded" that is doesn't even make any difference anymore and he definitely gets a kick out of picking/pushing peoples buttons (even the 16 year old neighbour girl who helps me take care of my kids). His language is getting more and more profane and I am finding that I am having to hold my son down on the floor when he really starts going off.

His medication never really "works" - it just lessens the effects of his disorders. I am at the end of my rope and do not know what to do - I have never been one to like the idea of medicating my child or admitting that I am not able to handle him - but it is definitely getting to that point. There are days (and nights) that I think I should be having him committed). He is not under the care of a PDR - due to the fact that he swears he won't talk to them and our insurance sucks - but I don't think we qualify for any type of assistance as we "make too much $$" (too bad we don't see it due to 3 step PCs from husband first marriage).

He claims that his life is so rough and that no one loves him or even cares about him. All of the kids at school pick on him one moment and then are his best friends another. He says that he is depressed and is going to run away. He hates me.

Worst thing about all of this is that I have 2 PCs - easy child 1(M) is almost 5 and easy child 2(F) is almost 3 - I am so worried that they are going to do the same things that difficult child does because of how much they look up to him.

We have another "medication check" on Friday - does anyone have any input on what we should be pursuing next?

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You sure you've not got a twin of my son at that age?

I could have written this exact post, minus the medications and siblings, when my son was that age.

What helped us was changing his food and being aware of things that made him worse, also part of the food program. We've done the food program for over 4 years now, and it's truly amazing the difference it makes.

I started it for myself and realized it could help my son. So we both are on it.

If you go to Natural Treatments forum, you will see others have had some success with changing diet.

My son has never been on medications. I had wanted to treat the problem, not the symptoms. And the food program does this.

It can also help you stay sane. :smile:

Something to consider.

Pam R.


Triplets they must be! Once my son is added in.


Mine is kicking the front door repeatedly as I type.................


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Geeee.... what is it with today? My difficult child is currently slamming the bathroom door against the wall, repeatedly because I won't pay attention to him. Yes, we just spent several thousand dollars having the house painted on the inside. *Sigh*