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    In the book Setting Boundaries For Adult Children the author mentions the book Now I Lay My Isaac Down.
    The book is about accepting God's will when tragedies strike. I lived in Orlando when the murder happened and I remember it being in the news. It was puzzling how a Christian man that had accomplished so much could think that murdering a man was the only way out of a situation. He was extremely lucky he did not get the chair, and at 25yo he is to spend his entire life in prison with no parole.

    I thought I had learned to 'let go and let God' but I guess not, my latest with my difficult child set me back and I am going through the process again.

    Carol Kent (the mother) was and still is a Christian speaker and she writes lessons about God testing Abraham's faith and has soul searching questions at the end of each chapter.

    From her Web site:
    Gene and I have discovered that when God seems the most absent, He is the most present. Each person's 'Isaac experience' will look different, but the challenge is for us to do what Abraham did. We need to relinquish the person, event, or situation to our God who sees the end from the beginning and trust that everything that happens to us can be a platform upon which we proclaim to the world that His is still good and He is still trustworthy.

    The book has helped me so much to detach and let my 33yo learn his lessons God has planned for him. I never criticize anyones beliefs, and I have 2 friends that believe they are atheist, so if you are not a Believer you probably will not enjoy the book.
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    I had heard of the book and meant to purchase it. Thank you for mentioning it here. I read the "Setting Boundaries..." book a few years ago and thought it was very good.

    I agree with the author (Kent), that especially with this type of pain/loss, it is necessary to "let go and let God." I know I personally have found it way too difficult to go through this alone. I DO practice good self care and I made use of good therapy when I needed to. I read uplifting literature and do what I can to stay strong. But, in order to truly detach and to be free of this great pain, I had to tap into my spiritual faith and learn to "let go."

    Anyway, because of your post, I ordered the book on my Kindle and read a little last night. It looks very good!!!I'm glad the book has helped you to detach and you are moving forward. Sending good thoughts your way.
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    Thank you!! And both books have mentioned the lessons to be learned from our hardships. I have found both books to be helpful.

    The book is so sad, and it's very hard to understand how a family that is so devoutly Christian with a son that has such a bright future could be going through this.

    The media coverage during the trial did not portray the daughter in law very well, it does make you wonder what was he thinking to shoot the man 4 times in the back.
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    I believe that any book or other media that is helpful and supportive to our membership is a good thing. I will ask, however, that we make sure the discussion in this thread doesn't slip into discussing faith/religious views.
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    I agree Tiremommy, that was not my intention at all. I don't agree with all of her book but I did find comfort in parts. I would never criticize anyone's religion and I have 2 atheist friends that have been supportive.

    If you feel this post may offend someone please delete it.