obtaining school records


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I spoke to an attorney today about my son's situation and he's going to help us out. He told me to get a copy of my difficult child's full record ASAP. Do I just send a letter to the school to get this or do I need to send a letter to someone else in the school dept.?

One funny point he made- if my son is being punished because they are convinced his last incident was not a manifestation of his ed, then why on earth do they feel the need to change his Special Education placement? of course, the reality is that if he wasn't in an iep, they would send him to alternative school or expel him.


You raise a very good reason to have **ALL** of our kids in Special Education: protection against expulsion.

Send a CERTIFIED letter requesting ALL student records for your child to the Superintnedent of Schools. This person is the correct legal person in every case, i.e., he/she is the one who gets named on documents for the SD, sued, has the power to settle, etc.

It is their responsibility to get it to the correct person to fulfill the request. Be sure also to use "return receipt requested."