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  1. DS3

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    So I'm off this morning to get the results of my stress test and my blood-work. Wish me luck. I'll let you know how I make out when I get back. The pulmonary function test is scheduled for next week. I'm so dang nervous about today's appointment. Hoping for some good results. ~hugs~
  2. TeDo

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    OK....what did I miss here? Stress test? Pulmonary test? Blood work? What's going on? The only medical thing I remember you talking about was your hand or arm going numb. Was there something I missed here somewhere?

    Good Luck and absolutely keep us posted. Breathe.......Breathe......Breathe
  3. DDD

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    Fingers crossed that all comes out honky dorry. Been doing the same this month so I understand your nerves! DDD
  4. ThreeShadows

    ThreeShadows Quid me anxia?

    Prayers going up...
  5. cubsgirl

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    Sending thoughts for great results!
  6. buddy

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    Waiting to hear....sending positive vibes.........................
  7. DS3

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    Tedo; I've been having episodes of syncope (passing out), and they're trying to figure out why. So here's the results...

    Blood-work; All came back good/normal. A little high on the white blood cell count, but being that the last three work-ups all showed the same, they're just saying that I run high with that. Especially since a closer look showed no infection or neutra-fills. No diabetes, no anemia, good cholesterol levels, and I'm allergic to Russian thistle.

    Stress Test; doctor said it came back normal. With that in mind, it also said that I have a mild abnormality at the EKG baseline, a ST & T abnormality, and a high resting heart rate. He had no idea what that meant, but is sending me to an actualy cardiologist to have him review my EKG and to possibly get an echo-cardiogram.

    Chest X-Ray: Normal, no abnormalities.

    So I don't know what to make of it. We shall see what happens when I see the cardiologist. In the mean-time, google here I come. I want to know what these 'abnormalities' could be (not self diagnosising, just going to do some research.)

    doctor did say it was important to know what happens when I do have these episodes. He thought it was very interesting about my time being passed out (where I thought I continued to work/move). He also said it is important to document when I have any sort of 'episode' and what exactly happens. He also wants me to keep a log on how long it lasts, how often they happen, and if I do pass out, how long until I come to, and recognize my surroundings. Depending on what the cardiologist says, we may be looking at a neurologist next.

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  8. buddy

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    Well glad nothing is jumping out at them. Now to get the cardio stuff and then check wth neuro.... wonder if you are having a seizure? Interesting... I know some people just do faint. So, maybe you just got lucky...and you are one of them. hope not.
  9. DDD

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    Sounds pretty good and should releive some of the stress of the unknown. Fingers crossed that there is a simple solution. Hugs. DDD
  10. AnnieO

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    :hugs: I just NOW saw this post.

    I'm glad the doctor is sending you to a cardiologist. Sounds like he knows when to defer. YAY for him!

    I'm glad things are OK, however... Would be nice to know, Know what I mean??
  11. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Glad things in those areas look relatively normal. Hopefully the cardio issues aren't a big deal. FWIW, I still suspect that these are seizures!
  12. Steely

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    I have a really, really high resting heart rate, which I have seen a million cardiologists for and have always been told it is nothing to worry about.

    It is actually good that they found something on the EKG as that might pinpoint things a bit more --- but I have a hunch you may have always had this and it is just now showing symptoms --- which means that it is probably not too much to worry about !! (I hope at least). Hugs :) And keep us posted.
  13. DS3

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    I did talk to a friend of my mother's who i a cardiologist and asked her what the possible abnormalities were. She said most likely when I go to see my cardiologist he'll have me do the echo-cardiogram just to make sure there is nothing wrong structurally with my heart. As long as that is fine, the next step is to go to another cardiologist, called an electro-physiological cardiologist to have them map the electronic function of my heart. She says it's quite common in young people to have Super Ventricular Tachycardia (SVT), which means that there is something electronically going wrong with the wiring that helps to control the heart. She said that if it is this, that it's a minor fix, where they would just go in and a braise the portion that was 'mis-shooting' the signals. She said if you were to choose anything to go wrong with your heart, this would be it, since it is treatable.

    So we shall see what the doctor's say. I have to make a few phone calls today, one being to the cardiologist to make my appointment. Wish me luck!
  14. TeDo

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    Just an FYI, I have SVT and what you have described of your symptoms does not sound at all like what I experience. With SVT your heart beats double time because two different impulses are firing. My heart beat VERY fast (almost 200) and VERY hard. My kids know when it's happening because even though I'm sitting/laying still, my body "beats". I had one episode that lasted for an hour and required an ER visit and medication to stop it and not once did I even feel like passing out. I may be 100% wrong but this just doesn't sound right to me.

    Hope you DO find out what it is and it is easily taken care of. It's the waiting and not knowing that hoover.
  15. DS3

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    Thanks for the insight. I'm more inclined to believe it is more along the lines of IST (Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia). The symptoms seem to match. Won't know until I go see the cardiologist thought. No more guessing. I'm just going to wait and see. I'm under enough stress right now, no point in worrying about something it may not be. All I do know is that there is something wrong, and they need to figure it out.

  16. Steely

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    I also have SVT and yes, your symptoms don't quite match. You would feel like you are running a marathon while lying down.

    TeDo - I had a Dr show me how to put pressure on the Vega artery and that stopped the electrical impulses from mis-firing. I can stop them instantly now.

    There can be so many things wrong with our hearts and we are still healthy - kinda amazing.
  17. DS3

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    Well the cardiologist got me an appointment, and it's for this Thursday morning. I don't know if they are going to do the echo-cardiogram then or if it will be on a different day. Then I have the pulmonary function test on Friday. Shall be an interesting week. Hopefully I won't have to wait long for results.

    I just know that something still doesn't feel right, and it feels like I pulled a muscle right where my heart is. It hurts like hell. Even shoots up my back left shoulder blade. Cannot wait to see the doctor and see what he says.
  18. InsaneCdn

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    Did you tell THEM this?

    That sounds too much like female symptoms of a heart attack...
  19. DS3

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    Yep. Which is probably why I got in sooner then the middle of next month.
  20. Liahona

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    hope everything turns out ok. Glad you got in to see the dr.