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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by nandz, Jun 14, 2010.

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    My wonderful easy child has begun a habit of biting me, his daddy, and difficult child. I don't know how to stop it or what sort of discipline to use. I have people tell me to bite him back and I simply will NOT bite my 14 month old. I just do not agree with biting back as I feel it sends the wrong message. Any suggestions. easy child is 14 months old. He's a very sweet and happy boy, but his biting is usually when he's playing. It's like he doesn't know how to talk yet so when he wants to say something, he bites me, husband, and difficult child. He singles difficult child out all the time too..I am at a loss!
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    Well if you wont bite easy child back, which is what I would do honestly, then try a really loud yelp when easy child bites like you would do for a puppy. Say OUCH loudly and that biting is bad and hurts.

    I have had to do something like that when my granddaughter accidentally falls on me or hurts me while playing too roughly. I wont smack her but I yelp and tell her she is being too rough for grandma. Ive been doing this since she was really little. She will be sad and say she is sorry. If she actually hits me or tries to hurt me on purpose then I do time her out but 14 months is way too early for that. Maybe a gentle pat on the lips to show him where the bite is coming from and saying NO BITE!
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    I'd set him out of the way, off my lap, and walk away saying, "No biting!" If it keeps up, I'd use time out.
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    It sounds as if easy child is biting for attention. You need to teach him another way to get your attention. When he bites, yelp, say NO BITE, and turn away from him for 1 minute. If he is getting your attention, even just by your yelp or saying NO BITE, then he is learning that biting is how you get attention. You can do a 1 minute time out if you want, it really does work with most children unless they have some sort of developmental delay. I always found turning my back made a bigger impact at that age.