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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by JJJ, Oct 14, 2012.

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    Kanga is finally 18. We did not take guardianship. She was suppose to move to TLP on Friday but during a visit there on Wednesday , she got caught getting busy with a boy on the back porch; so they delayed her move until Monday.

    She signed the papers to allow staff to continue to communicate with us.

    Her psychiatrist stepped over the line AGAIN so I filed a complaint with the State and have to file a second form this week. psychiatrist told Kanga that she doesn't think she really needs medication and wants to wean her off of them. Totally, 100% out of line....and dangerously stupid as well. Like I thought, psychiatrist was biding her time until she no longer needed my consent.
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    What bittersweet milestone.
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    Sigh.... I'm sorry JJJ. This isn't how things were supposed to work out for our kids.

    Given the collaborative's decisions the last few years for kids who hit 18, esp in light of her sudden "cure" in psychiatrist's eyes, is there a safety net for when they pull the grant?

    Many gentle hugs to you.
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    JJJ, I'm so sorry. I know you had the big countdown to 18! You're there now and the problems continue. Not fair!
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    Sue, Thankfully our collab worker thinks that taking her off her medications is stupid as well. She is also not happy with the way this psychiatrist tries to keep the parents out of treatment decisions. If psychiatrist wins and Kanga goes medication free, she will give collab all the proof they need that she is still very, very mentally ill.
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    Well congrats and Im sorry. How is that for emotions? What sort of psychiatrist tells a mentally ill 18 year old they dont need medications? The psychiatrist Cory and I see STILL tells Cory he needs them and most likely will as long as he can find his warm body somewhere on earth. He may change the medications but he always says he needs something.
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    Welcome to the "club." The milestone comes with a whole new set of wrinkles -- in more ways than one. Hugs.