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    Well, this post is mostly about Buster. He is adorable. He has a grin that you can't help but love. Which makes it very hard when he is as naughty as he was today. He was into everything, climbing everything, testing every boundary. More so than normal toddlers do. Poor husband had to deal with him most of the day.

    I was up lots with Cherub last night. I get in bed about 8 am and ask husband to fix kids breakfast so I can sleep a bit. I get up at 9:49 am and Cherub is crying, Elsie has thrown up, husband is in the middle of trying to fix waffles, difficult child 2 is in the shower (no he can't do that independantly yet), and Buster is wreaking havoc. Everytime husband tries to get something done Buster hurts Elsie, or difficult child 3, or gets into something. At one point he had a basket handle around difficult child 3's neck and was choking him. I get Cherub put down for a nap. The kids get breakfast (husband burns his hand, he had a rough day.) and difficult child 2, difficult child 3, and I go to do yard work for my grandma. I think Cherub is sleeping, Buster will get put down for a nap husband will have a time to calm down from this morning. Oh I was so wrong. I get back to a very upset husband. husband did put Buster down for a nap, but instead of sleeping Buster took off his diaper and played in the poop. There was poop everywhere. It looked like Buster had camouflage on. difficult child 2 and difficult child 3 have very heavy blankets that need to be washed. On the walls, beds, carpet, anywhere he could reach and then he'd give that wonderful smile. :) husband got the big stuff out of the room before I got home, and while he was busy doing that Ann and Elsie colored on the wall with permanent marker. (We got it off with lysol.) Buster got washed three times before he smelled ok. Then husband took everyone downstairs or outside while I spent hours cleaning the carpets and mattresses. And the whole time Buster is constantly testing boundaries. I don't know how husband (or Buster) survived.
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    Oh Sweetie! And, poor husband! Reading this reminded me exactly of my difficult child when he was little. husband and I always said that thank goodness difficult child was so cute because that would save him in the end. Sending gentle hugs to you and your husband.
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    Wow! Talk about a bad day!
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    Oldest boy is 23. My niece is about 1 year or so older than him. Once, we were visiting them. He was about 7 months or so old, not yet crawling or moving too much. The adults were having coffee and we thought that the kids were napping. We went in to get the kids and saw that niece had torn off her diaper and smeared poop all over - including all over my son, his clothing, his car seat, the floor, the walls, it was awful. Anyway, she's now in medical school. However, when you're going through it, it's awful. For years, it was like "Is she going to be ok? She smears poop!"
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    The adventure continues. :( I got up this morning to Buster throwing a peach down the stairs. The kitchen and dining room floors need to be mopped now because he got peach juice all over. The stairs also need to be cleaned and vacuumed now. (Carpeted.)

    He also dumped cinnamon sugar onto the living room carpet (yes, I'd just washed that caroet the day before.) And learned a new trick. He no longer needs to have a stool to stand on to get over the baby gate. He scales the piano!

    Thanks for letting me vent. I'm sure it'll be funny in about a decade.
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    Might not even take a decade, Lia...
    But not until he gets out of this stage.

    Sounds like he needs some oversized, over-protective doggie to babysit him - you know, one of those herding type dogs that you can train to not let the "sheep" get into danger? and so you just teach the dog that Buster is a "sheep"?