Oh the humanity!

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    We are in the process of having our garage roof re-done. As this coming week is the start of spring clean up in our town (you can put ANYTHING at the curb and it will be picked up), I went up into the attic above the garage to clean it out and see if anything was salvageable. (horribly leaky room and colonization by mice) Amazingly enough I was able to save more than I thought. I even found things I though I had lost years ago! (Including pictures of a high school boyfriend who died in a car accident when he was 19. I even had pictures of him and I from the last time I ever saw him. Very pleasant surprise!)

    Anyhoo......the thing that is absolutely KILLING me though are the books. I love books and they are everywhere in my house. :reading: And also in the garage attic. While I was able to save some, I'm having to throw away a lot of them. THROW. THEM. AWAY!!!! :surprise: It's kind of like someone who really enjoys their booze being forced to watch people dump their stash down the drain. I'm getting all twitchy and freaked out here people! :scared: :faint:

    Is there an intervention for this type of thing or a rehab somewhere I can go?????????
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    a library?..........

    Sorry there is no help for book-aholics.
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    Don't throw them out!!!

    Give them away on freecycle!!!! Trade them in at a second hand bookstore. See if your library would like a donation.

    OMG you can't throw away a book!!!:highvoltage::nonono:

    I can't bring myself to toss out a book. I'll put them in the yard sale. I've freecycled them. Heck last summer I gave away two huge boxes full of mother in law's romance novels to the used book store. Gave. Them. Away. Just so they wouldn't go into the trash.

    My name is Lisa. I'm a bookaholic.
  4. mstang67chic

    mstang67chic Going Green

    I KNOW!!! It's awful!!!!!! But they need pitched much as it brings me to my knees to do it. They are either heavily water damaged, half eaten by mice or just plain naaaaaasty.

    I start shaking everytime I look at the pile of stuff at the curb.