Ohhh- about the IEE!

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    I had requested an IEE because the sd psychiatric's report was more of an expression of the woman's fear about what difficult child has done in the past- all the way to 3 1/2 years ago and really didn't address a disability, much less how his issues were effecting him at school or what could be done to help him and much of the history she documented was inaccurate or not inclusive enough to portray an accurate picture. The sd psychiatric and school Special Education director asked for a chance to "correct" the report before I pushed the IEE and I said fine.

    She was supposed to have the revised report to me and a list of IEE evaluators to me two weeks ago but I never received either so I called and left messages yesterday. I got a call today saying the stuff would be put in the mail to me today- which tells me they had it but probably were hoping I'd forget or let it go. Anyway, the lady tells me today that they had "a lot of trouble finding evaluators who would go to a Department of Juvenile Justice facility to evaluation a student". Hmmmmmm.....so that compounded the problem I guess. Not only do sd's hate to get an independent evaluator on board, but they have to foot the bill to get someone to go to the facility, get searched, and evaluation a kid in a secure setting with teen offenders. I wonder how much the sd psychiatric changed her report after learning this. I also wonder if the independent evaluator will just write a report conveying all his fear too instead of writing about Special Education issues. Geez.....I know my son isn't a saint, but what do these people do about the kids in there who have killed someone or raped a child or had sex with an animal?