Ohio....thinking of moving there....QUESTION


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With all the anti-difficult child problems here in the system, I've been thinking of moving. I remember that Ohio was graded "B" on that report on which states are the best for helping people with mental illness, etc. (I live in a "C minus" state right now). Interestingly, I have family right on the Ohio/W.Virgina border. So, I'd actually be closer to family, then where I am now.

Question for those who live in Ohio: is it truely a good state for our difficult child's? Are the schools and outside services more supportive? What are your general thoughts/feelings/experiences with Ohio?

Thank you so much.


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Sorry Hanging-On I don't know much about Ohio... unfortunately. But I am in a similiar situation, we're looking for a better place to move also... we are looking into the Tucson area kind of for the same reasons as you... where did you find the grading on states??? Do you remember? thanks
good luck

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You'd really have to do your research. I know what my state provides, have really not looked much further.

I'd start out with the possible SD you may be moving to along with the state's department of human services website. There should be a county by county listing of contacts & whatnot.

I recommend this route as services are generally funded by the state but approved at the county level.

I hope you find what you're looking for - maybe just the fact that you're closer to family may provide the help & respite you need.


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Here's the link. It was on the board last year, and I saved it.



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schools in Ohio can be great, or they can be horrible - and that goes for education as well as special services. Theres a state site - go a google on Ohio school report card and will probably find it.
I'd then dig deeper with the individual school districts. Keep in mind our "funding" has been shown to be unconstitutional, but nothing has been done to change that - for at least 15 years! Many of the large city school districts are on academic emergency (although the state does offer vouchers for those in those areas).
For medical care, you "may" get better care at the larger cities, especially if there's a teaching university there (Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland).

For "most" areas - the inner city is poorer housing, older, or going through transition. There's then outer, older suburbs, and surrounding newer suburbs with higher priced housing (and usually the better schools). Then you move into rural areas.

If you find an area, let me know and I'll see if I can find you more specific statistics.


According to my local representative (John Peterson), Ohio is one of 14 states that does NOT require insurance companies to provide mental health coverage equal to physical health coverage. He has been fighting to bring change to that unsuccessfully for years. (He's also on the Education Committee. This guy is on all the right committees :wink: ) Therefore, mental health coverage really leaves a lot to be desired. My daughter's health insurance covers 20 visits per year for mental health. That includes therapist, psychiatrist, neuropsychologist and anyone else we see related to mental health. There was a front page article in the Columbus Dispatch a few months ago about this topic. Families that have lost their homes trying to provide mental health care for their children (I'm one of those) and families that gave custody of their children over to the state - not for therapeutic foster care - but because they couldn't afford the care their child needed. Something to keep in mind.

If you go to the Ohio Department of Education website, you can also find a listing for schools that were acknowledged for excellence in Special Education. My SD isn't one of them.


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Thanks Skeeter,

My cousin is in Washington county, by Marrietta (in the country 10 miles from Williamstown, WV. She said the name, but I forget. I think it starts with a "R"). So to be close to them, and my aunt in WV I'd like to in that area of Ohio (in the country). difficult child CAN NOT handle the city or suburbs. I've looked on line trying to narrow in on where they are, and look at home prices and cost of living. But they aren't on the map on Realtor.com. Wierd, but my hometown in Florida isn't on the map on this website either. Any help finding this area, and what's there would be great. Thanks.


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That area is very rural. I would be a little worried about services out there. We have very good friends living in Zanesville. They found they had to put their kids in private schools because they weren't happy with the public schools in the area. I can understand why you would want to be close to relatives, but you would find much better services in the Cincinnati area or Columbus.



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I was at a conference last October for the Foundation for Children with Behavioral Challenges in Boston where the opening speaker (a doctor who has worked with- kids and parents for years and been a great advocate with- the schools) talked about this. He talked about how we as parents, are finding ourselves moving around (sometimes with-in our present towns and cities and sometimes great distances) to locate better learning environments for our children. He spoke of a family he knew who had moved 4 times in 7 years, all in pursuit of better schools (and I was interested having just moved months before with- good schools in mind).

He said that even when a school district has a fabulous reputation for working with- special needs, it is totally dependent on the particular school and the particular administration with-in the school. His point of course is that it is so difficult for us to help our children sometimes with-in the school system.

Do you happen to know any other families out there that have kids with- any challenges? I remember emailing the local autism society and asking about schools (the woman I spoke with- couldn't give me information like that though...she couldn't name one school over another she said). One person I had luck with was the new psychiatrist that I contacted and met before we moved...his office had some good information on which schools "worked with" behavioral challenges (at least to the best of the office staff's knowledge). The psychiatrist's office (if they work mainly with- kids, which ours does) helped us (although now I homeschool for other reasons).

Good luck. It's hard. Have you posted over on the Special Education forum? Martie and Sheila have so much good advice on finding out about these things too.

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Whatever you do, stay away from highland county. The sd is horrid, and while we have psychiatrists who care and are good they are seriously over worked and strained. There just aren't enough.

But then I tried taking N to Dayton, too. Same story and psychiatrist seemed more overworked than the one here. And no one could seem to give me a referral for Cincy or Dayton for pediatrician psychiatrists. They are rare or booked solid.

I lived in Dayton and the surrounding area for many years. Dayton schools are ok, or were 10 yrs ago. Many of the suburbs surrounding Dayton have very good schools with great teachers. My kids still hold a grudge because we moved. :hammer: And they did tons to help T even though they didn't have a diagnosis at the time to work with.

We only moved here to be closer to husband's Mom. I love the small town. It's the rest I can do without. If I had it to do over again, I'd check docs and sd's out really good before making up my mind.