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    We have our first visit with Cincinnati Hospital in a couple of weeks. They have requested all information.....all my responsibility to obtain for them, understandable. I wasted no time at all getting the school information taken care of....packet of papers to be filled out, letters from all involved with difficult child at school, copies of IEP & MFE, all evaluations/testing. Thing being.....the school added in all reports from doctor evaluations & diagnosis's that they have on file. I'm "on the fence"....not sure if I should even give ANY information from Neurologist, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Behavioral Therapist....anyone. I almost feel like this is our chance we've been waiting for so long.......THEY can tell me what is going on in this little person's life. THEY can keep evaluating & testing until we have yet ANOTHER "answer", possibly one that is totally different....something new. I have expressed my being "on the fence" with difficult child's Neurologist & SE Teacher.....both thinking it would be a good idea to give it a try without all of the information & forward it ALL on to them if needed after the visit. I guess I would just like to hear what YOU would do???????

    OH.....and, do I even mention the fact that we just made the decision for her to be placed in the MH unit next year? That is a huge placement that was suggested by her team recently, but I don't know if I want it to make a difference in her evaluation. Ohhhhhhhhhh........just not sure what to do.

    Thank you!
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    I would give it to them. I say this because it is a Children's Hospital- not a place like the sd- and they are used to seeing all the other "input". I think it would help them to see all that has been considered. I had an MDE done on my son at a child/adolescent mood disorders clinic (part of a university hospital) and I was leary at first for the same reasons you stated, but ultimately, I provided them everything and signed release forms for them to confer with regular psychiatrist. Instead of psychiatrist trying to "sway" them, they have actually discussed things and psychiatrist has considered their opinion so it has been extremely helpful. Also, the ed spec from there is helping me with some school issues- and the sd acted like "well, how could this place be accurrate in their assessment when they never talked with us" my response- "they had his full sd record and didn't need to call you. Was there info you had that wasn't reflected in his record, iep, etc"? (Shouldn't be) However, I attached a written statement to any documentation that I provided them that I felt needed my clarification.
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    Give them everything after you photocopy it for your files.
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    I agree I would give them everything.