On what planet are potato chips currency? (vent)

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by helpangel, Apr 29, 2012.

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    Gotta vent or know I'm gonna blow my stack!!!

    So Angel is bouncing off the walls, all wild child because she automatically goes manic after clearing an obstruction. After being cooped up all weekend I suggest she run down to neighbor who is very difficult child adult and get her pay for the yard work she did (owes her $80) - neighbor called at 8am, 9:30 & 11:00 said in all 3 calls had Angel's money. Told Angel don't go in , don't stay just get your pay and leave.

    About 20 minutes after Angel left (2 houses away) 15yo asks if she could go down, told her no way. About 5 minutes later she was gone, called Angel on cell phone said both of you get home now!

    So in walk the girls with a plastic bag with 3 bags of POTATO CHIPS and no $

    Every time my kids do work for this woman it ends up a week long thing and me ready to throddle her by the time they get paid. For this reason I have asked my kids to please not work for her - even offered to pay Angel (or take off her $1000 court tab) for doing work around the house she should already be doing anyway.

    OK so this difficult child neighbor wakes me up to tell me she has this money then she gives 3 BAGS OF POTATO CHIPS to a kid who has constipation to point it was life threatening and doesn't even give the kid the money so I can buy gas to get her to the hospital. She won't need a hospital unless some moron fills her up with potato chips!!! hence the need to vent

    GROWL HUFF SNORT!!! On what planet are potato chips currency? I'll be the woman out there stomping potato chips on the sidewalk!
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    Ummm.... Nuthouse planet? maybe? Maybe not even there?
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    Is this the same onion ring idiot?
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    Arggghhh! Looks like a job for Warrior Mom. Sorry.
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    Onion rings? I missed that one.
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    Yes the onion ring lady from yesterdays Angel's in crisis/ I'm scared post if go back and read it please don't comment to that one come back to this one if need to remark (hard not to); as trying very hard to let that whole mess get buried in never, never land and forget about it LOL. That thread went off into another topic hence why I started this one. Angel's no longer in crisis so don't want that at top and people wasting energy rattling the beads for someone who doesn't need it right now.

    So I got woke up this morning to Angel screaming because her bag of sour cream and onion chips are gone. I got my son to eat them last night to get rid of them. Neighbor calls as soon as kids are on the bus (hadn't pulled away yet) with her father in law there & me on speaker phone. She's fishing for a thank you for the chips and got upset when I mentioned I don't want my kids eating that junkfood.

    The only one of my kids who isn't twice their target body weight is Angel who gets life threatening constipation - like what I've been dealing with all weekend. So difficult child neighbor goes off into a phone tantrum because I occasionally get the girls a cheese pizza with pineapple on it, understand there is salad and fresh fruit for desert and its only 1-2 pieces. It's also not served when Angel has constipation.

    My response was along the lines of "Let me get this straight because I can't get the school & neighbors to help enforce a high fiber diet I'm only allowed to have rabbit food in my house?" At least that got her off my phone - I think her father in law pointed out I made some valid points.

    So about an hour later she calls sounding all sweet and mentions she is missing 2 cell phones from her house, ask girls if one of them picked up her phones? She always pulls this when someone owes her money - she makes it sound like she suspects them of stealing from her so she is authorized to not pay them and can keep using the "I got your money" thing to keep getting you to come back to her house but she doesn't pay you.

    She's lonely and difficult child; I feel sorry for her but don't have the energy to play with her. I tell girls don't want them to work for her, if do you collect the money I gotta stay out of it. It's frustrating to watch Angel deal with her but Angel is at an age she needs to learn how to make money and how to deal with someone who doesn't pay you when they should. The 15yo needs to just stay away because a 40yo alcoholic isn't an adequate playmate for someone her age.
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    OMG. What a piece of work.
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    yes she is a piece of work, SusieStar made the best suggestion (over in the thread that wouldn't die) about lighting a black candle, chanting and blowing spices at her. Though need to do some research because this woman is into religion that is forces of nature & witchcraft, etc. (gotta get right spices / correct spell - don't want her to fall in love with me ROFL)

    *** SusieStar didn't mean to not respond just couldn't figure out how to without calling that thread to top again) ***

    Anyway gonna throw todays mini vent in for fun now - woke up to find out some crooks took unauthorized magazine subscription out of my bank account causing Angel's probation check to bounce; then had visit with my brother interrupted by a "get here now" call from school. R bounced a cookie off Angel's head so she slammed her into a locker causing her to fall. So R wants to go home with her ice pack and Angel is suspended.
    Get to the school Angel is all red face mad, growling at sister about "throwing a cookie at her head and if wasn't a klutz wouldn't have fallen etc." so I leaned over and said a little too loudly "UNLESS YOU WANT TO DO THE PERP WALK IN HANDCUFFS LEAVING HERE SHUT IT DOWN NOW!" - the afternoon hasn't gotten much better.

    just another day in paradise :imok: