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kt went into a dissociative state - a total disconnect. However, she wasn't self harming as in the past. Crisis team was called & showed up in record time.

kt kept screaming "It" in her head was taking over. "It" won't let me go - "It"s hurting me. "It" won't let me go.

The crisis team came in & helped us get kt's PRN medications into her & waited here until kt came back to us. We had a long wait but there wasn't the need for an ER visit.

We have a therapist appointment the day after tomorrow - I'll call him tomorrow & let him know what has happened. psychiatrist will be informed as well.

Today is done - I expect kt to fall asleep soon. She can hardly keep her eyes open.


That sounds scary. Poor ktbug. I know you've said that you've never been able to identify a trigger. Do the psychiatrist or therapist have any ideas on how to address these episodes other than the PRN medications when a trigger cannot be identified? I know it can be something that seems pretty benign...a color, a sound, a smell. Especially when you're dealing with a kid who suffered abuse when she was preverbal.


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It's the preverbal part that makes this so very hard. Again tonight there wasn't a trigger that any of us could identify.

Thank you all - ktbug is sound asleep. Down for the count.


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Wow- that sounds scary! I am glad that she is doing better now. That was great that a trip to the er was not needed.

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I'm sorry. The good is that crisis team arrived right away and a trip to the ER was avoided. Also good that there was no self harming behaviors.

Praying for a better day tomorrow. Hugs.

How is kt doing today? I've been away for awhile and haven't had a chance to get totally caught up here yet.

I can't even begin to imagine how difficult all of this must be for you, kt, and husband. My heart goes out to you... I hope today is a better day!!! WFEN

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kt had a rough afternoon as well. While crisis team didn't have to come out today she had a rough transition from school to home.

We have a therapist appointment tomorrow afternoon - I've called ahead to let him know of the lability & episodes of dissociation.

therapist has been working on a crisis plan for in home help to follow; he's also been working with kt on becoming more "self aware" of triggers & trying to get her to put words to those triggers/anxieties.

Here's to a new day!
I'm sorry kt had a rough time this afternoon too. It sounds as though therapist is on top of things.

I hope the therapist appointment tomorrow goes well. As I always say, things are always subject to change... I'm with you - Tomorrow is a new day...

I'll be thinking of kt, you and husband and hoping tonight goes smoothly... I'll be looking for an update tomorrow. WFEN